What's on the show Wednesday

5 p.m. EST

Today at 5 p.m., why are the Democrats letting Cindy Sheehan fight their battles? Should they step up to the plate and craft an alternative plan on Iraq?

And we'll also take a look at a new book that some say teaches kids to hate liberals. It's called "Help! Mom! There are Liberals Under My Bed."

On the blog report, more fallout from Pat Robertson's comments about Hugo Chavez, and conservatives will soon see less of Michael Moore-literally. He checked into a fat farm--oops--spa.

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12 p.m. EST

The military base closure commission voted today to keep the Navy's submarine base in Connecticut open, saving 8,000 jobs and marking a big victory for Senator Joe Lieberman and other advocates in that state.

Meanwhile, Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania is trying to save bases in his state, arguing that National Guard facilities were born out of State militias and are under the jurisdiction of the state. He will join us today to discuss his fight, and the bigger picture of base closings all around the country.

We're also going to debate the findings of a new study from UC San Francisco's medical center that a fetus below a certain age does not experience pain, therefore there is no scientific or medical reason to notify an abortion patient about anesthesia for the fetus. The whole conversation is a bit touchy, but there may be an underlying political agenda--on both sides. It seems that this particularly study was authored in part by a NARAL member. Meanwhile, those on Capitol Hill arguing for the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act are all Right to Lifers. We have an excellent panel joining us on this issue.

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