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OFF TO THE RACES: About last night

Our own Perry Bacon Jr. wrote that Bernie Sanders gave Clinton a huge assist by shutting down the issue over her email server.

MSNBC writes that Clinton solidifies her spot as the strongest candidate in the field.

But that didn’t preclude Sanders from sparring with Clinton on a host of issues, including “national security, the economy, big banks and gun-control,” the Washington Post writes.

Sanders’ self-identification of a “democratic socialist” is difficult on the national stage.

Candidates made 12 “suspicious or interesting claims” the Washington Post writes.

O’Malley’s campaign released a memo after his debate performance: “At the first Democratic Presidential Debate, Governor O’Malley proved that he is the only candidate who has a record of achieving progressive results, acting based on principles rather than polls, and offering a forward-looking and aspirational vision for America.”

ICYMI: Here’s a play-by-play of the Democratic debate by our colleagues.

BUSH: Missed Bush’s plan to replace Obamacare? Here it is.

CARSON: He is essentially tied with Donald Trump in the latest poll by Fox News with 23 and 24 percent support respectively.

FIORINA: She raised more than Rubio but less than Carson and Cruz in the third quarter bringing in $6.8 million.

KASICH: He told NH1 that Bush’s health care plan is a “one-off, knock-off” plan

TRUMP: Will appear on “Saturday Night Live” on November 7.

CONGRESS: Freedom Caucus makes it demands

Roll Call highlights the Freedom Caucus’ demands in the race for House speaker. It revolves around the bills and amendments that get votes.

Politico reports that the Republicans block President Barack Obama’s nominees at “an unprecedented level.”