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Hugh Hewitt on Donald Trump: Most People Thought It Was a Fair Interview

On NBC's "Meet the Press," Hugh Hewitt defended his Donald Trump interview that was heavily focused on foreign policy.
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It may be a bit of a one-sided feud, but the back-and-forth between conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump continued on Sunday.

Hugh Hewitt, appearing on NBC’s "Meet the Press" said that while journalists "have to be open to criticism," most people thought his foreign policy-heavy interview of Donald Trump last week was "fair."

"If I was unfair, you know, I'll take criticism," the long-time radio host said.

Hewitt used a baseball analogy to describe what it’s like to interview Trump. "It's like facing Bill Lee throwing an Eephus or Gaylord Perry. He is unique, he is difficult, he is the best interview in America right now," Hewitt said.

For those who aren’t up on your baseball terms, an "Eephus" is a slow pitch designed to throw the hitter off. Both Gaylord Perry and Bill Lee were pitchers famous for applying other substances to the baseballs they threw.

Trump dismissed many of Hewitt’s questions as "gotcha" questions. But Hewitt pushed back and said, "There's an old Irish saying. If everyone says you're drunk, you better sit down. Thus far, only a couple of people have thought I was wobbly. Most people thought it was a fair."

Hewitt is one of the moderators of the next Republican primary debate, which is scheduled for September 16th.