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John Fetterman.
John Fetterman.Fetterman for PA Senate

Ad Watch: Fetterman 'way more radical' than Shapiro, GOP group says

The Democratic nominee for Senate in Pennsylvania is under attack from a GOP group in new ad.


A new ad funded by the GOP-aligned American Crossroads in Pennsylvania is comparing two candidates in marquee races — Democratic nominee for Senate John Fetterman and Democratic nominee for governor Josh Shapiro. 

“John Fetterman’s record on crime is crazy,” one woman in the ad says. “He’s not like most Democrats,” a man in the ad adds.

“225 times, Josh Shapiro voted against the criminals, but Fetterman voted to release them. That’s nuts. Fetterman is way more radical than Shapiro,” a series of voters says.

The ad comes as polling continues to show Shapiro polling ahead of Fetterman, and it appears to be trying to persuade Shaprio voters to not vote down the party line.

The ad also comes as Oz's campaign was out with a new ad this week, too, attacking Fetterman for being too extreme and promising balance.

"Extremism on both sides makes things worse," Oz says in the ad, adding, "We need balance, less extremism in Washington."

Fetterman's campaign, meanwhile, has also been trying to appeal to the center.

In a new ad out this week, Fetterman says, "Politicians spend so much time fighting about the things that don't matter. I'll always be focused on what does: access to health care, lower costs, good jobs, more time with those we love."

And in another ad, Fetterman's allies at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee attempt to paint Oz as the extreme one, focusing on his position on abortion.

"When I was in medical school, abortion was not yet legal, so young doctors were trained to treat victims of back alley abortions. Too often women died," a doctor in the DSCC ad says.

He adds, "I thought those days were long behind us. But not so with Mehmet Oz. Oz supported overturning Roe, allowing politicians to ban abortion."