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Capitol Hill Supreme Court
Pro-abortion rights and anti-abortion advocates demonstrate outside the Supreme Court on May 3..Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post via Getty Images file

NBC poll shows where Dems, GOP are divided inside own party

Abortion and immigration divideRepublicans and Democrats within party lines


This morning’s First Read listed the most popular — and unpopular — candidate positions and attributes, using the combined March and May NBC News

The polling also reveals some interesting intraparty divides. 

Inside the GOP, Trump-first Republicans are more supportive of candidates who want the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade (51 percent more likely to vote, 24 percent less likely), while party-first Republicans are divided (35 percent more likely to vote, 31 percent less likely). 

NBC News

Republicans are also split on candidates saying Trump won the 2020 presidential election — with Trump-first Republicans overwhelmingly supportive (65 percent more likely to vote, 3 percent less likely) and party-first Republicans much more mixed (24 percent more likely to vote, 28 percent less likely). 

Meanwhile, Democratic voters differ in intensity when it comes to candidates supporting allowing migrants to wait in the U.S. for asylum (Biden primary voters are 52 percent more likely to vote/22 percent less likely, versus Sanders/Warren voters who are 77 percent more likely/7 percent less likely) and being endorsed by Biden (Biden primary voters are 70 percent more likely/2 percent less likely, while Sanders/Warren voters are 51 percent more likely/4 percent less likely).

NBC News