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Abortion rights supporters protest in New York on Oct. 8, 2022.
Abortion rights supporters protest in New York on Oct. 8, 2022.Jeenah Moon / Getty Images file

Gen Z rates cost of living, abortion as most pressing issues

Cost of living, abortion and climate change dominate issues driving young voters, according to NBC News polls this year.


Members of Generation Z — encompassing voters aged 18 to 25 — rate climate change, abortion and the cost of living as important issues facing the nation at higher rates than voters of other ages, according to NBC News polling data.

A merge of the data from January 2022 through September 2022 finds that 46% of voters aged 18-25 rated the high cost of living as the most important problem facing the U.S., compared to just 30% of voters of all ages.

The latest episode of “Meet the Press Reports” spoke to members of Generation Z specifically about how they view the #MeToo movement and how that has shaped young people’s views on the world around them.

The merged data showed that 30% of voters in the younger age group said abortion was the most pressing issue facing the country, compared to 17% of the broader electorate.

29% of voters age 18-25 said climate change was the most important issue, compared to just 17% of all voters surveyed.

The same survey data found that, while the electorate as a whole is split on which party they prefer to control Congress, Gen Z prefers a Democratic-controlled Congress by 32%.

46% of the general electorate say they want a Republican-controlled Congress and 46% prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress. Among those 18-25, 30% want a Republican-controlled Congress and 62% favor a Democratic-controlled Congress.

For more on Generation Z and their attitudes toward the #MeToo movement, tune in to "Meet the Press Reports" on Peacock and NBC News Now.