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Image: Donald Trump Kari Lake
Kari Lake, left, speaks as former President Donald Trump looks on at a rally at the Canyon Moon Ranch festival grounds on Jan. 15, 2022 in Florence, Ariz.Mario Tama / Getty Images file

Trump appears in new direct-to-camera appeal for Kari Lake

The former president tells Arizona voters Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, "is outstanding," in a new ad.


Former President Donald Trump appeals directly to Arizona voters in a new ad launched Thursday, telling them that Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is "a very conservative person."

"She believes in true and great values. She's gonna do tremendously for the border, for election integrity," he adds.

This ad for Lake, a former local television host, is not the first where Trump has appeared directly on camera to address voters in a commercial.

He's cut similar ads in Georgia for former Sen. David Perdue, who lost his campaign for the Republican nomination for governor, and for Adam Laxalt in Nevada. Laxalt is running for the GOP nomination for Senate.

Most candidates supported by Trump use other footage of him in their ads, including pictures of them together or clips of him endorsing them at rallies. So, those using an exclusive, direct-to-camera appeal are a select group.

Despite, that, the ads haven't always made a difference in the eventual outcome. In Georgia, Trump appeared in multiple ads for Perdue, and the former senator still lost the Republican primary to Gov. Brian Kemp by over 50 points.

Perdue trailed Kemp in polls for almost the entire campaign, though.

In Nevada, Laxalt is leading polls by a wide margin, though there are signs Brown has started to narrow what was once a massive gap. A recent poll found him 26 points ahead of opponent and veteran Sam Brown. In Arizona, Lake leads the field by a few points, though a majority of GOP primary voters polled remained undecided.