aka SEOUL: Most Fluent Language (Part 3 of 7)

aka SEOUL: Most Fluent Language (Part 3 of 7) 9:36

In part 3 of “aka SEOUL,” Peter Boskey discusses his art and the influence his identity as an adoptee has on his work, which he says is an expression of who he is.

“aka SEOUL," produced by International Secret Agents (ISAtv), is a follow up to the documentary series “aka DAN," which chronicled the 2013 journey of alternative rapper and Korean adoptee Dan Matthews as he reconnected with his biological family, including a twin brother he never knew about. Three years later, audiences will see Matthews and four other Korean adoptees visit Korea during the summer of 2016 and shed light on other aspects of the adoptee identity.

"aka SEOUL" made its world premiere at the San Diego Asian Film Festival in November 2016, and is part of "NBC Asian America Presents...," a digital video channel that features original content centered around themes and voices found in Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. "NBC Asian America Presents..." videos can also be watched on NBC Asian America's Facebook page, NBC News' official YouTube channel, and the NBC News app available on mobile devices, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

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  • Featuring: Dan Matthews, Chelsea Katsaros, Siri Szemenkar, Min Matson, Peter Boskey
  • Director: Jon Maxwell
  • Executive Producer: Dan Matthews, International Secret Agents (ISAtv)
  • Producing Supervisor: Traci G. Lee
  • Director of Photography: Ray Huang
  • Editor: Marcus Valerio
  • Production: Rommel Andaya
  • Producer: Rebecca Jung, KP
  • Music Supervisor: Chanda Dancy-Morizawa
  • Title Track - Rell The Soundbender ft. Satica - Bloom
  • Special Thanks: Tim, Kim, and Jackie Holm, & 2016 IKAA Gathering and Staff, Jasmine Lee

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