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KNOW IT ALL: Friday's Top Stories at NBC News

An Ebola-stricken nurse is moved to Maryland, and the vice president's son is kicked out of the Navy for cocaine.

Good morning. Here’s some of what we’re following on this Friday.

1. ‘I love you guys’: Ebola-stricken nurse moved to Maryland

Nina Pham, the first of two Dallas nurses who contracted Ebola after treating a patient with the virus, has been moved to a Maryland hospital specially equipped to handle Ebola cases. She bid an emotional goodbye to colleagues in protective suits at the hospital in Texas on Thursday night, telling them: “I love you guys.” Read more in NEWS.

2. Worker from Texas Ebola hospital is on Caribbean cruise

A worker from the Dallas hospital where two nurses contracted Ebola is on a Carnival cruise in the Caribbean and quarantined on board. The worker may have handled fluid samples from Thomas Eric Duncan, who died of Ebola at the hospital earlier this month. The worker is not sick, authorities said. Ebola can only be transmitted through direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected, symptomatic person. Read more in NEWS.

3. Obama open to an Ebola czar, but system is complex

President Barack Obama says he’s open to appointing an Ebola czar, and federal health officials were taken to task by Congress on Thursday for mistakes and confusion in the early days of the U.S. response. But the American public health system is designed so that no one person or agency is in charge. A former federal health secretary says that a wider U.S. outbreak would require “war on every front.” Read more in NEWS.

4. Biden son booted from Navy for cocaine use

One of Vice President Joe Biden's sons has been kicked out of the Navy Reserve for cocaine use. Hunter Biden said in a statement that he is embarrassed, respects the Navy’s decision and is moving on “with the love and support of my family.” He failed a drug test last year and was kicked out in February, a U.S. official told NBC News. Read more in NEWS.

5. Body of missing actress apparently found

Authorities in Washington state have found a body believed to be that of Misty Upham, who played the housekeeper in the Oscar-nominated film “August: Osage County.” The body was discovered at the bottom of an embankment outside a casino, and a purse nearby had Upham’s identification in it. No one had heard from her since Oct. 5. Read more in NEWS.

6. Hurricane bears down on Bermuda

Hurricane Gonzalo is a Category 4 and packing a potentially life-threatening storm surge as it bears down on Bermuda. The Weather Channel reports that power will probably be out for the entire island for days, and for weeks in some places. Thousands of miles to the west, the governor of Hawaii has declared a state of emergency ahead of a tropical storm. Read more in NEWS.

7. Three ‘miracle’ survivors in small plane crash

It’s being called a miracle: A man and two women somehow survived the crash of a small plane in the rugged mountains of Big Bear in California. The terrain around the crash site is so rough that rescuers had to hoist the three to safety. They were later taken to the hospital. It’s not unclear what caused the plane to go down. Read more from NBC Los Angeles.

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