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Good morning, and happy Monday. Here are some of the stories we're following today:

1. Kerry lands in Baghdad as ISIS gains more ground

Secretary of State John Kerry met with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on Monday morning in hope of helping Iraqi leaders form an inclusive government that is capable of fighting Sunni insurgents. The group has seized a large swath of Iraq, and took over four towns and two border crossings just over the weekend. The two crossings allow the militants quick access to resources in Jordan and Syria. Read more in NEWS.

2. USA tied by Portugal, but it’s not over yet

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USA fans let out a collective groan on Sunday night when Portugal scored, tying the game 2-2 with seconds to spare. It's not over, though. The Americans, with four points, play Germany, also with four, with the knowledge that a win or a draw puts them through to the knockout round. There are a few other scenarios that would also keep the U.S. fighting in Brazil. Read more in Sports.

3. Deadliest Ebola outbreak sweeps through West Africa

An "out of control" outbreak of Ebola in West Africa spans three countries and has already killed more than 300 people, but experts say it could get even worse. The disease is contagious through bodily fluids, and people fleeing the areas where they see many people getting sick end up bringing it with them. Health aids are trying to educate residents on how to avoid the sickness. Read more in HEALTH.

4. Meteorologists warn of flash flooding in Plains and Midwest

Thunderstorms, large hail and damaging winds threatened the Plains, Great Lakes and Texas Panhandle, meteorologists warned Monday. A week of torrential downpours in South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri has put those over-saturated areas especially at risk for flash floods. Read more in WEATHER

5. Bowe Bergdahl released from Texas hospital

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has been released from the Texas hospital he was admitted to when he arrived back in the U.S. more than a week ago. He will receive medical and psychological outpatient care, in his continuing "reintegration" process, which has included more social interaction recently, the army said. Read more in NEWS.

6. Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo may be on the way out

In all the commotion about the Washington Redskins team name, Native Americans want to know if everyone has forgotten about a mascot that they also find offensive. A group called People Not Mascots plans to file a lawsuit against the Cleveland Indians over their name and mascot, Chief Wahoo. Read more in NEWS.

... What's trending today?

A little girl scored her father not just one day off for his birthday, but an entire week. How? She pulled at the heartstrings of one of his bosses at Google with a handwritten note, making an appeal for him to play hooky. "It is summer, you know," she argued in blue marker. Fair warning: your boss will probably be wise to you faking a note from your kid to skip out on Thursday for the noon World Cup game. Sorry.