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Latinos Love Bitcoin More Than Anyone Else: Poll

Tech-savvy Hispanics are much more likely to be familiar with and to use the digital currency.
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While most Americans remain fairly in the dark about bitcoin, tech-savvy Hispanics are at the forefront of fandom for the digital currency, according to a survey.

Just 8 percent of whites polled by Morning Consult said they know "a lot," while 53 percent said they know "nothing at all" or "not much" about bitcoin. That compares with 21 percent of Hispanics who say they know a lot, and 42 percent who say they are likely to use bitcoin, against 24 percent of whites.

Figuring out why the cryptocurrency is so popular among Latinos is a little tricky.

Pew Research has found that remittances from the U.S. to Latin America are the largest among any group, but that doesn't provide a complete answer to bitcoin's popularity.

The answer could lie simply in age.

"We have results from Pew Hispanic and Pew Internet that shows Hispanics tend to have higher shares of technology usage, particularly with mobile technology. … Part of that is actually that Hispanics are younger than other groups, and they are more likely to use technology because they are younger," said Ana Gonzalez-Barrera of the Pew Research Center.

The Morning Consult survey polled more than 1,700 likely voters.