Police: Boy Shot By Reno School Officer Cut Classmate, ‘Pursued’ Him

DEC. 15: Knife-wielding Nevada teen shot by officer was bullied, his father says 3:43

A 14-year-old student shot by a school district officer as fellow students looked on had cut a classmate with a knife and "pursued" him before the shooting, police in Reno, Nevada, said Wednesday.

Reno police said in a statement that the person suffered a "minor cut" to the face in the Dec. 7 incident at Proctor R. Hug High School that ended with a district officer shooting Logan Clark once.

"The injured student attempted to retreat, but the 14-year-old pursued him through a crowd of students and faculty while swinging the knives," police said in a statement.

Police said their understanding of the incident was based on interviews with more than 100 people and that the investigation was still ongoing.

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Logan was still at an area hospital Wednesday, a hospital official said, but his condition was not released. His father earlier this month told TODAY that Logan suffered a stroke after the shooting and was unresponsive.

The shooting was captured on video recorded by a bystander. Logan’s father has said he had been bullied and took the knives to school to protect himself, and has questioned whether the police officer had to shoot the teen.

"He went into a combat situation knowingly with a 14-year-old mind how to solve it, with very little options," Justin Clark told TODAY.

Video Shows Officer Shoot Student at Reno High School 0:33

Reno police said in the statement that Logan "brought knives to school on the days leading up to the incident with the intent to initiate an altercation with another student,” but the fight never happened — instead the Dec. 7 altercation involved a different student.

Police say Logan refused commands to drop the knife and moved towards the officer before he was shot.

Logan's father said Logan was upset and had been punched in the face, and video shows what appears to be blood around the boy's mouth. He said the knives were dull butter knives.