Indio Solari Concert in Argentina Ends With 2 Killed in Stampede

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Two people were killed and a dozen were injured when spectators rushed the stage at an outdoor rock concert in Argentina.

The deadly crush of fans was blamed on lack of crowd control at Saturday's event featuring popular performer Indio Solari in the town of Olavarria.

Image: Indio Solari
Indio Solari performs at Saturday night's concert. Reuters

Solari halted his performance several times, calling from the stage for security to help people who were stuck in the stampede and appeared to be fainting.

Some 350,000 fans showed up for the concert, Mayor Ezequiel Galli told a news conference.

He said the event had been organized to handle less than half that number, and that it would be up to the justice system to decide who is to blame for the disaster.

"What happened was total chaos," he said. "It just got away from us."

"No one imagined that this many people would show up," the mayor added, saying that by mid-afternoon some 100,000 vehicles, or one for every city resident, had arrived for the show.

Image: Fans at Indio Solari concert in Olavarria, Argentina
Fans are pressed against the security barricade in the mosh pit area during the Indio Solari concert in Olavarria, Argentina, on Saturday. Reuters

A dozen people were hospitalized after being injured in the crush.

Witnesses said the lack of control was such that organizers neglected to collect tickets at the large field where the concert was held, letting anyone through the gates.