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Obama seen as best for women, but warning signs on deficit in new poll

A new Kaiser Foundation finds people think President Obama would be better for women than Mitt Romney on a host of issues, including who's looking out for their best interests, who'd be best to deal with the future of the health-care law, education, and even national security.

But the one place where Obama doesn't enjoy big leads is on the federal deficit.

On who looks out for the best interests of women, Obama leads 52-26%. Among women voters, it's 59-25%. But on who's best to deal with the deficit, Obama and Romney are essentially tied, with Obama getting the narrow edge, 40-39%, hardly a good sign for an incumbent president.

That vulnerability is one reason the Romney campaign has been pushing the issue. Even on jobs and the economy, President Obama has a 10-point lead.

Here's the question from the poll:

7. Which presidential candidate, (Barack Obama) or (Mitt Romney), do you trust to do a better job (INSERT AND RANDOMIZE)? How about


you trust (Barack Obama) or (Mitt Romney) to do a better job (INSERT ITEM)?]

Based on half sample A (n=613)

                                                                                    Obama             Romney            Both     Neither/other     Don’t know/refused

a. Dealing with the future of the 2010 health care law       50                     31                     1          10                     8

b. Making decisions about women’s reproductive

health choices and services                                           52                     25                     1          14                     8

c. Looking out for the best interests of women               56                     26                     2          10                     6

d. Dealing with the federal budget deficit                        40                     39                     1          11                     9

e. Improving education                                                  53                     27                     3          10                     7

f. Dealing with the economy and jobs                             48                     38                     1          9                      4

g. Dealing with the situation in Afghanistan                     50                     28                     2          12                     8

h. Addressing terrorism                                                 50                     30                     4          10                     6