Pakistan ‘Super Flood’ Kills Bride, Groom, Wedding Party Members

Flooding Kills Hundreds in Pakistan 1:20

KARACHI, Pakistan -- A bride, her groom and several members of their wedding party were among 16 people who drowned when their rescue boat capsized while trying to save them from raging floods. A Pakistani military official confirmed the incident, which brings the total number of those killed by a monsoon-sparked "super flood" in Pakistan to at least 289. One of the boat disaster's victims was a solider who jumped in the water to help. Children were also among the dead.

"It took several hours to recover the bodies," a military official involved in the rescue effort said. "It was terrible to find them. Many of them were downstream in the Chenab [River], mangled in trees and dead in each others arms." Ahmad Kamal, spokesman for the National Disaster Management Authority, said Pakistan and India were "experiencing some of the worst monsoon-driven flooding in decades."

- Wajahat S. Khan