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'Get the Kids and Get Out,' San Diego Family Escapes Inferno

Wildfires continue to spread through San Diego, destroying neighborhoods and leaving some homeless.

The Seperke family barely escaped the San Diego inferno with the clothes on their backs. Now safe at a hotel, Stan Seperke, his pregnant wife Amanda and their four children are happy they got out alive.

“I’m still in shock - don’t know what we will do next.” Amanda told NBC News’ Joe Fryer.

Amanda is 20 weeks pregnant with baby number five on the way, “We left the house with just the clothes on our backs.”

The family’s escape started when Stan saw a fire starting across the street. “I told my wife, get the kids and get out.”

Stan and Amanda grabbed what they could and drove to a restaurant at the bottom of the hill near their house. From there they saw their home burning.

Amanda says she stood at the restaurant window barefoot, crying in shock, “Someone noticed I didn’t have any shoes on and she offered me her sandals and I was very thankful to get that.”

Friends of the Seperke’s are collecting clothes and Amanda says the number one priority is to take care of their family.

Having lost the home they lived in for three years, Stan remains hopeful, “Houses can always be built and moved in again.”