Pro-Biden Group Releases New Ad Ahead Of Democratic Debate

The super PAC Draft Biden has released a second ad in an attempt to pressure the vice president into the Democratic presidential race.

The ad, titled "Never Quit" features Joe Biden's speech from the 2012 Democratic Convention where he talks about his dad teaching him about the value of work.

The ad is released on the same day as five official candidates take the debate stage in Las Vegas for the first Democratic debate. The debate will take place with the undercurrent of a possible Biden run. He has not yet announced if he will - or will not - run.

Biden has not yet reached a decision, a source told NBC News. The source said Biden is likely asking himself: "Am I OK with not being there if my grandkid has a bad day?"

This is the second ad the group released. The first ad never ran but highlighted personal tragedy Biden went through when his wife and young daughter were killed in a car accident just a month after he was elected to the senate.