Trump Campaign ‘Loves’ North Dakota Delegate Slate, Nabs Endorsement

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FARGO, N.D. — North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer is endorsing Donald Trump on Sunday and has been helping the GOP front-runner woo convention delegates in the state.

Trump senior adviser Barry Bennett told NBC News that Cramer’s endorsement is "a huge win" for the campaign, and said he had "helped us immensely" to court delegates in North Dakota.

Cramer's help, Bennett said, contributed to a slate of national delegates proposed by North Dakota GOP officials Saturday that the Trump campaign "loves."

"We have seen the slate and we love it," Bennett said. "If we play our cards right we could do very well" when the full convention votes on the slate of 25 proposed delegates on Sunday, he said.

Bennett said the Trump campaign could get close to half of the delegates when all is said and done, predicting they’ll have at least more than 10 delegates supportive of the candidate.

He wouldn’t name any specific supporters because most had communicated that they’d prefer to keep their support private, for fear of backlash from opponents.

But it was a good day for Trump in North Dakota.

"We’re popping champagne," Bennett said.