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Donald Trump's Campaign Promises: Tracking His Progress and Fact Checking His Claims

President Donald Trump campaigned, and won, on larger-than-life promises. NBC News focuses on 10 core goals to evaluate his progress.
President Donald Trump takes a question as he speaks during a press conference on Feb. 16, 2017, at the White House.Nicholas Kamm / AFP - Getty Images

President Donald Trump campaigned, and won, on larger-than-life promises.

From the bold (create 25 million jobs) to the specific (he won't eat another Oreo until Nabisco moves production back to the United States) to the wildly aspirational (“I will give you everything”), Trump offered up so many promises during his presidential bid that it was hard to know at times where bravado ended and his policy agenda began.

NBC News found that Trump took 141 distinct stances on 23 major issues. From this roving platform, a set of bold goals emerged. As president, Trump vowed to curb immigration, repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, create jobs for Americans, defeat "radical Islamic terror" and rebuild American infrastructure, to name just a few.

Follow along as we track his progress here.

Trump's core campaign promises defied party-line politics as much as they stuck to them, and united a surprising coalition of voters that drew historically white, working-class Democrats into a conservative coalition that fueled the reality television star to a surprising victory in November.

In the hands of an outsider candidate bent on shaking up Washington, D.C., it was a triumphant strategy. Now, they are the test of his presidency.

He will have to tackle broad catchphrase pledges — "build the wall" and "so much winning" — with policy while he working with a Republican-led Congress filled with the "establishment" politicians he derided throughout his campaign and Democratic lawmakers intent on opposing much of his agenda.

Can Trump fulfill his promises when confronted with the realities of first-ever elected office, a complex global economy, and a divided nation?

With this tracking tool, we'll chart the success of his presidency using 10 core goals as a lens, examining how Trump's goals collide with the realities of governing.