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THE LID: 'Black Lives Matter' As a Campaign Issue for Dems

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos…THE LID: JULY 20, 2015’16 AT 30 THOUSAND: For weeks now, Donald Trump has been crowding othe

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos…

THE LID: JULY 20, 2015

’16 AT 30 THOUSAND: For weeks now, Donald Trump has been crowding other 2016 stories out of the news cycle, but his comments this weekend about John McCain’s military service created just about a perfect recipe for perfect saturation. And it’s amazing to see what’s been overshadowed by the Trump vs. McCain story. Had the real estate mogul not uttered his disparaging remarks about the former GOP nominee, wouldn’t the lengthy protests over racial issues at Netroots Nation be getting a LOT more attention? Activists loudly challenged Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders, suggesting that they don’t really understand the issues facing African-Americans. Hillary Clinton - who skipped the conference - weighed in on the issue today, saying “Black lives matter … We need to acknowledge some hard truths about race and justice in this country, and one of those hard truths is that that racial inequality is not merely a symptom of economic inequality.” Remember, this is a do-over for Hillary Clinton, who took heat for saying “all lives matter” at a historic black church in Missouri last month.


John McCain said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that he doesn’t think Donald Trump owes him a personal apology but that he should apologize to veterans and their families.

Trump said on NBC’s TODAY that John McCain is a war hero, but he still would not apologize for his comments.

Elizabeth Warren called Trump a “blowhard” for his remarks about McCain.

In a Facebook chat, Hillary Clinton said “black lives matter” just days after two of her Democratic rivals faced protests about racial issues at Netroots Nation.

In remarks on shaking up the status quo in Washington, Jeb Bush proposed a series of reforms to “challenge the whole culture” of the nation’s capitol.

From over the weekend: NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell spoke to Scott Walker in an exclusive, wide-ranging interview.


CHRISTIE: He is facing some criticism for speaking about the recent death of a former Capitol Hill intern during a speech on crime prevention.

O’MALLEY: The New Republic argues that he and Bernie Sanders both failed a test of showing that they understand the #BlackLivesMatter movement at Netroots nation.

SANDERS: Dave Weigel writes in the Washington Post that Sanders fans view him as a champion for policy areas where liberals feel Barack Obama has failed.

WALKER: Scott Walker signed legislation banning abortions after 20 weeks from fertilization, the Journal Sentinel reports.


“ I never met a pantsuit I didn’t love.”

  • Hillary Clinton, responding to a Facebook question about her favorite pantsuit.


John Kasich announces his presidential bid at Ohio State University, then holds a town hall in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Bobby Jindal holds a town hall in Ames, Iowa.

Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Donald Trump all have campaign appearances in South Carolina.