Orman: ‘I Haven’t Heard A Single Good Idea Out of The Roberts Campaign’

Independent Senate candidate Greg Orman is hitting back at Republican Pat Roberts on the final day of the midterm campaign, accusing the incumbent senator of spreading “misinformation” and failing to address “how he feels about issues.”

Asked by NBC News to respond to Roberts’ comment that Orman’s independent pitch to voters “sounds like a high school sophomore,” Orman said: “I haven't heard a single good idea out of the Roberts campaign since this started. He's been focused very clearly on misinformation and hasn't really been talking to the voters of Kansas about issues or about how he feels about issues.”

But Orman has been criticized for failing to say which party he would align himself with in the Senate if elected, which could prove crucial to Washington’s power structure if Senate power hangs in the balance.

On Monday, Orman again wouldn’t say how he will caucus.

“When I go to Washington, I am not going to be a silent soldier for either party regardless of what decision I make in order to help the Senate organize,” he said. “I am going to go there and represent the voters of Kansas, independently and strongly and help us break the gridlock and get us back in the position of solving problems in this country.”

His main pitch to voters: the election of an independent candidate will send a message to the country that Kansas – and the nation – won’t stand for the status quo.

“I think more than anything, Kansans are excited about the idea that we get to send this historic message that the gridlock is not acceptable and Washington has got to start solving problems again,” he said.