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Hillary Clinton Tends Bar, Impersonates Trump in 'SNL' Cameo

Hillary Clinton made a cameo appearance on 'Saturday Night Live' as a bartender who served up drinks and jokes to Kate McKinnon's "Hillary Clinton."

If Hillary Clinton doesn’t become president, maybe she'll consider bartending.

The Democratic front-runner played a sympathetic barkeep named “Val” opposite Kate McKinnon’s celebrated impression of Clinton in Saturday Night Live’s season premiere on NBC.

In the sketch, McKinnon’s Clinton is blowing off some steam after a “hard couple of 22 years” and “Val” is on hand to counsel her.

Clinton and McKinnon poked fun at how long it took the former secretary of state to reach policy positions on the Keystone XL Pipeline and gay marriage.

“Nothing wrong with taking your time. What’s important is getting it right,” Clinton said.

Clinton also did her best Donald Trump impression, which she’s known to do on the trail from time to time. “Donald Trump? Isn’t he the one that’s like ‘Ugh, you’re all losers,’” she said in a deep voice.

“I will destroy him and I will mount his hair in the Oval Office,” McKinnon’s Clinton joked.

After their chat, McKinnon told Clinton she was “really easy to talk to” and Clinton deadpanned, “That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that.”

“I wish you could be president,” McKinnon said. “Me too!” Clinton replied.

The duo ended the sketch with a rendition of “Lean on Me.”

Former SNL cast member Darrell Hammond made a cameo as Bill Clinton and Cecily Strong played Clinton’s longtime aide and current campaign vice chair Huma Abedin.

This was Clinton's second time appearing on the show alongside a cast member portraying her. The first time was in 2008 with a pants suit-clad Amy Poehler.

The episode was politically packed, featuring Taran Killam’s debut impression of Trump and a fake ad for “dementia medication” aimed at Republican candidates.