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Cool kids of 'SNL' are mean to Trump in NATO lunchroom

"Why don't you Brexit on out of here?" James Corden's Boris Johnson tells the president, played by Alec Baldwin.
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"Saturday Night Live" presented global politics as high school cliques by reflecting on President Donald Trump's stunted trip to a NATO meeting this week in London, where in real life other world leaders were captured on a hot mic talking about him.

In the show's cold open Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, enters a school cafeteria and tries unsuccessfully to sit at the cool kids' table, which is occupied by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron.

"Why don’t you Brexit out of here, dweeb?" says Johnson, played by "Late, Late Show" host James Corden.

Trudeau, played by "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon, makes fun of Trump for his Friday talk to reporters in which he said he had directed the Environmental Protection Agency to look at whether low-flow bathroom fixtures are really saving water.

Macron, played by actor Paul Rudd, said, "He's dumber than Boris."

Macron urges Johnson to host a high school party at Buckingham Palace.

"Do it, Boris, unless you're not cool enough," he says.

Trump sulks and says, "I like when it's mean, but not about me."

Trump isn't invited to the party, and Trudeau makes a point of saying former President Barack Obama "might be coming." In another jab at Trump, they asked Germany's chancellor, Angela Merkel, to sit at their table.

First lady Melania Trump, played by Cecily Strong, appears to conclude the sketch and outline its lessons. In reality, Melania Trump has used her platform to denounce mean behavior among children.

"Bullying is a serious problem," she says. "Especially against President Trump. It’s not nice. He would never do it to you. Be Best."

News segment "Weekend Update" continued to hammer the president with co-host Colin Jost arguing that if the House wraps its impeachment process by late December, Trump will have fulfilled a promise.

"Trump is right," Jost says. "A lot of Americans will be saying Merry Christmas again."

Colleague Michael Che faulted the president for threatening even higher tariffs on French wine, accusing Trump of simply targeting the nation's most stereotypical product.

"God forbid if it was a black country," he says. "He would probably tax those Popeyes chicken sandwiches."

Impeachment torchbearer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, played by Kate McKinnon, took a seat at the news desk to offer up some prayers for the Trump.

"If he has to be president, please make him a little better," she says. "At any of it. Mama needs a break."

The night's host was Jennifer Lopez. Rapper DaBaby was the musical guest.