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The best products at Costco right now, according to enthusiasts and Select staff

We rounded up our most beloved food products, gadgets and home goods currently available online.
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The best Costco food products and gadgets for your home.Costco ; Getty Images

To belong to Costco is to expect the unexpected. The wholesale retailer is beloved by members for its variety of products from – from mundane paper towels to genuine diamond jewelry – and for its consistently great pricing on bulk items. But the real thrill of Costco is its ever-changing inventory in-store and online, and massive get-it-while-it’s-hot discounts. One day, the air fryer you’ve been eyeing is 60% less than at other retailers. The next day, your favorite crackers are nowhere to be found.

Thrilled by the chase, some Costco members have made it their mission to spread the gospel. Tina Chow of Calgary, Alberta, Canada’s “YYC Costco Lovers” Facebook page and TikTok account (nicknamed after Calgary’s Airport Code) has grown into an international online community of 65,500 people sharing tips and sometimes, groceries. A post from Aug. 15, for example, asks if anyone wants in on a 15-pack of Maldera Burrata Cheese that they won’t eat in time.

SKIP AHEAD The best food products at Costco

Chow, an investment firm portfolio manager and mother of two, is full of Costco hacks and has a motto: “Buy now, think later.” It makes sense, she said, considering the ephemeral nature of Costco’s offerings and its famously flexible satisfaction-guaranteed return policy.

David Sedillo, an Los Angeles-based marketing manager, runs the “CostcoCorner” TikTok account, which shares various “things found at costco this week” from the banal, Kirkland brand Men’s t-shirts, to the absurd, a $3,999 pallet of XMRE BLueLine emergency food.

Select spoke to Chow and Sedillo about what they consider to be some of the top products available at based on usefulness and savings, and we crowdsourced favorites from the Select staff, too.

A few things to note: Not everything sold at Costco stores is available for delivery through its website, inventory varies regionally and items can sell out super fast (but that can be part of the fun). Also anyone can shop on, but prices may be lower for members, members get free two-day delivery and non-members will be charged a 5% surcharge at check out. If you’re interested in a membership, as we detailed in our guide to Costco, there are two tiers of consumer memberships with annual dues: Gold ($60) and Executive ($120), which offer varying benefits and discounts.

The best household products and gadgets from Costco

The adventure (and sorrow) of Costco is that some products might only be on sale once in a while, or only available regionally or seasonally. That said, below are a handful of mainstays currently available online, recommended by the Costco enthusiasts we spoke to and Select’s staff.

Blackstone Upholstered Bed

“The high quality of this bed frame for the price is amazing, and the design is nice too,” said Sedillo, who has used the bed for three years. The upholstered platform bed comes with a headboard and wooden slats and is “super easy to put together,” according to Sedillo. It’s “perfect for that first apartment or in an extra bedroom” he said. It’s sold in full, queen, and king sizes.

Cascade Complete Dishwasher Detergent Actionpacs

Though they may not be Costco’s most exciting product, Greenwald loves buying these detergent pods “because they’re cheaper in bulk and I know I will always use them,” she said. The 90-count pods come in a “fresh” scent and offer 25% more cleaning power, according to the brand. At CVS, a box of just 43 pods costs about the same price.

Kirkland Signature Scented Baby Wipes, 900-count

Run, don’t walk, to grab these “unbeatable” baby wipes, says Select’s VP of commerce, Jennifer Birkhofer. The plastic-free wipes are “fresh” scented and made without chlorine, dyes, parabens or phthalates, according to the brand. “People love the diapers too, but the wipes are top, top, top,” said Birkhofer. By comparison, Huggies Natural Care wipes at Walmart cost $17 more for just 188 additional wipes

USPS First-Class Mountain Flora Forever Stamps

Another Costco hack of Chow’s is buying USPS Forever stamps in bulk. For $60, the 100 stamps never expire, which is perfect for couples planning a wedding or whoever has a lot of mail to send. The 100 Mountain Flora stamps currently cost $8 more at Costco than they do through the USPS website, but if you’re a Costco regular the convenience of running one less errand may be worth it.

Winix True HEPA 4 Stage Air Purifier with Wi-Fi and Additional Filter

Sedillo called this bundle a great value. This air purifier, which is only available refurbished on Winix’s website, comes with a HEPA filter and two years worth of filter replacements. It connects via wifi to an app that lets you monitor the air quality inside your home as well as set up a schedule to turn the purifier on, according to Sedillo.

The best food products at Costco

Chow noted that some of the best deals to be had at Costco aren’t online, but in the butchery and bakery sections, like the whole tenderloin, slab cake for birthdays or the famous rotisserie chicken. That said, plenty of products are available for delivery. Below, a few enthusiast-recommended options and favorites from the Select staff.

Kirkland Signature Farmed Atlantic Salmon, 3 pounds

This 3-pound bag of frozen salmon filets is one of Sedillo’s all-time favorite Costco staples. The farmed Atlantic salmon is raised without antibiotics, according to the brand, and sliced into 6 ounce or 8 ounce filets. Each filet is individually vacuum-sealed, which “makes dinner so easy,” said Sedillo.

Bibigo Cooked Sticky White Rice

“The Bibigo Cooked Sticky White Rice is one I get every time I go,” said Select’s senior SEO editor, Morgan Greenwald. The restaurant-style, Korean medium grain rice (which is currently double the price at Walmart) works well as an easy-to-prepare lunch or dinner. “All you have to do is stick these in the microwave for 90 seconds and you have fully cooked rice to use as a base for anything from poke to sesame tofu,” said Greenwald.

Kirkland Signature Trail Mix, 4 pounds

“My family goes through these trail mix bags like they’re water,” said Select production coordinator Gabriella DePinho. The blend mixes chocolate and peanut M&M’s, raisins, almonds and cashews. “I’m personally a huge fan of the fact that it has actual M&Ms instead of off-brand chocolate. Plus, it’s a mix of regular and peanut M&Ms, which is just super delicious,” said DePinho. Her family tends to buy a big bag and ration it out, rather than buying the snack pack sizes. In comparison, a similar 2.3-pound trail mix from Amazon costs $20.

Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers

Tina Chow’s local Costco “took these away for a little bit, and everyone freaked out,” she said. This flavor is 100% whole grain, gluten-free and made from sesame, flax, quinoa, amaranth, millet and chia, according to the brand.

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