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6 great, under bed storage containers

When putting away seasonal items, here are a few of the highest-rated under bed storage containers to consider.
Here are a few under bed storage solutions for anything that doesn’t fit in your closet.
Here are a few under bed storage solutions for anything that doesn’t fit in your closet.Amazon; Open Spaces

The end of summer is approaching. And like every change in the season, there’s also a change in wardrobe: From reorganizing your compression mocks and coats to the front of your closet to moving your shorts and swimsuits under your bed — and more importantly, out of mind. “If you haven’t used a particular set of sheets this year… [Now is the] time to donate those items and free up space in your home,” said Rachel Winkler, owner of home organizing service Tidyspot. (Though Winkler sells household organization tools on her website, none of them are items we’ve recommended here.)

SKIP AHEAD What to consider when buying under bed storage

Even after you’ve decluttered, you probably need to store what’s left. Under bed storage can be a solution, especially for small apartment dwellers with full closets and dressers. “Under the bed is prime storage real estate that’s often overlooked,” said home organizer Pia Thompson of Sweet Digs. To make the most of the area under your bed, we consulted organizing experts about what to keep in mind when buying under bed storage, as well as recommendations for the best under bed storage.

The best under bed storage

To find the best under bed storage, we asked four experts for their recommendations — Winkler and Thompson above, as well as Nancy Meck of Meck Organizing and Gilat Tunit of The Project Neat — and added highly rated options from retailers like Amazon and Target, too.

Open Spaces Underbed Storage

Thompson said she appreciates storage that’s both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing, and this set of two from Open Spaces, each with a single handle, is a favorite of hers. “They’re made of recycled plastic bottle fibers, come in a beautiful color and are perfect for storing off-season clothing,” she explained. Each bin, which zippers shut, is slightly more than 26 inches long and just under 6 inches tall.

Onlyeasy Foldable Underbed Bags

This set of two Foldable Underbed Bags from Onlyeasy — which are made from polypropylene and designed to be both wear-resistant and damp-proof — include a transparent top window, metal zipper and four handles. Conveniently, Onlyeasy says you can fold these bags flat whenever you’re not using them. They measure about 40 inches in length (making them 10 inches longer than the Open Spaces bins) by 20 inches and about 6 inches tall. They’ve earned a 4.4-star average rating over more than 14,400 reviews.

StorageLAB Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer

Winkler recommended this under bed organizer from StorageLAB especially for those who are short on shoe storage. The organizer includes 10 small dividers for up to 12 pairs of shoes. “The inserts are adjustable to fit different styles of shoes, from chunky heels to slim summer sandals,” she said, explaining how the StorageLAB organizer could be useful across style and season. The clear top helps you to see what’s inside so you can easily reach for the pair you need (plus, it protects your shoes from getting dusty). It measures about 30 by 25 by 5 inches. This under bed storage organizer has earned an average 4.7-star rating over more than 3,500 reviews.

Sterilite 60-Quart ClearView Latch Wheeled Underbed Box

Tunit told me that she prioritizes snap lids and wheels when it comes to storage boxes, like these 60-Quart ClearView Latch Wheeled Underbed Boxes from Sterilite which come with clear lids and bases, so you can see your items from every angle. Even more convenient, you can stack the boxes atop each other, if your bed is elevated at all. Each bin measures about 35 by 19 by 7 inches in height and has an average 4.5-star rating over nearly 400 Amazon reviews.

iwill CREATE PRO Underbed Storage

If you care less about seeing the inside of your under bed storage containers — and simply want them to sit easily and subtly underneath your bed — this lidded linen box from iwill might be a good option. It has two zippers, six handles on four different sides and a transparent label pocket for marking what’s inside. You can take away its structure by removing its internal board, making it easy to fold up and store. It currently comes in four colors, from Light Gray to Dark Gray (yes, lots of variations). It measures 40 by 17 by 7 inches, and has an average 4.7-star rating with more than 400 reviews.

Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

Tunit also recommended looking into vacuum sealable options, though she cautioned that they might be a better idea for long-term storage, since packing the bags and sucking the air from the bags can be more of a process. That said, they give you a lot more space than the other options on this list. This pack from Spacesaver contains six bags that are 40 by 30 inches. Each bag comes with a double-zip seal and triple-seal turbo valve to get all the air from the bag in the suction process, reducing the volume of the bag by 80%, according to Spacesaver. The bags have an average 4.4-star rating from more than 80,000 reviews on Amazon.

What to consider when buying under bed storage

Before buying under bed storage — whether it’s plastic bins, boxes or fabric containers — you should determine your ideal measurements and preferred materials.


First and foremost, you probably want to take out a tape measure, suggested Winkler and Thompson.

“Before purchasing under bed storage, you must measure the area under your bed, taking into account the height as well as the location of any support beams,” said Winkler. “All beds are different, so you want to ensure what you buy will fit.”

If your bed is lower to the floor, bed risers could be an option for added height. “These have come a long way since the ones from our college days,” said Thompson. Instead of ones made from plastic that can clash with the rest of your bedroom’s design, retailers like Walmart and Wayfair offer them in wood, metal and more.

Materials and features

Under bed storage itself is usually made from plastic, canvas or felt. Deciding between them depends on how much you have to pack away. Winkler recommended canvas for storing bulkier bedding and jackets since the material is more “malleable than a standard under-the-bed plastic storage box.” But that doesn’t mean you should completely cut off plastic — clear plastic can be helpful for knowing exactly what’s inside a container, she added. For special items like a wedding dress or a vintage, unique piece, Thompson advised looking for archival garment bags. These bags are designed to keep clothes preserved and protected from humidity and other potential damage.

For everyday items, search for storage that’s designed to repel dust and dirt since both are more likely to gather underneath a bed, Thompson suggested. Accordingly, seek out containers with closed lids or zippers to avoid finding dusty items once you open an under bed storage. And wheels “allow you to easily access what you need, especially if they are heavy and help you avoid using your arm strength to pull out storage,” according to Thompson.

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