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15 best Valentine's Day candy and chocolate gifts in 2022

If your loved one has a sweet tooth, consider gifting them treats like truffles, caramels, licorice and more.
Valentine’s Day candy and chocolate options include jelly hearts, chocolate roses, caramels and more.
Valentine’s Day candy and chocolate options include jelly hearts, chocolate roses, caramels and more.Sugarfina ; Dylan's Candy Bar ; Tony's Chocolonely

For some, chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand — according to a 2022 survey from RetailMeNot, 34 percent of Americans in relationships want to receive chocolate as a gift during the holiday. Not everyone likes chocolate, though, and thankfully when it comes to choosing sweet treats for the special people in your life, there is no shortage of options. You could go with gummy bears and chocolate bars, or opt for unique sweets like chocolate-stuffed marshmallows and sour jelly hearts.

This Valentine’s Day, we rounded up a selection of highly rated candy and chocolate that will satisfy any sweet tooth. You can give the below treats to loved ones by themselves, or pair them with other gifts like flowers.

Best candy and chocolate for Valentine’s Day

While we don’t usually recommend food, we often see increased search interest around candy and chocolate during holidays like Valentine's Day. To help you find gift options for loved ones, we rounded a selection of highly rated candy and chocolate, as well as options that range in flavor, price point and product type.

1-800-Flowers Breakable Chocolate Heart

To get to the treats inside this hollow chocolate heart, you have to crack it open. The heart comes with a wooden mallet to do so, and once it’s open, you’ll find a variety of different candies to enjoy.

See’s Candies Sour Hearts

Some of your loved ones may have an affinity for sour candies instead of sweet or chocolate varieties. If so, these sour hearts might make a great gift for them. The lemon-, cherry- and berry-flavored sour jelly hearts come in clear bags tied with a bow. About 66 hearts are in each bag, according to See’s Candies.

Stuffed Puffs Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Marshmallows with Classic Milk Chocolate

Stuffed Puffs released a new treat for Valentine’s Day this year: pink heart-shaped marshmallows with milk chocolate in the middle. Each package includes three bags of marshmallows. In addition to eating the sweets by themselves, you can add them to hot cocoa or use them to make s’mores.

Jelly Belly 10-Flavor Valentine’s Gift Box

For the jellybean lover in your life, this box is filled with 10 different flavors of the candy. It features Jelly Belly varieties like Chocolate Pudding, French Vanilla and Strawberry Cheesecake, as well as Cinnamon, Cotton Candy, Red Apple and more. The beans are separated by flavor in the box.

Kosterina EVOO Dark Chocolate Mezze Box

Each chocolate bar featured in this mezze box is made with Kosterina’s Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as well as cacao dark chocolate, cacao butter and coconut sugar, according to the brand. Then, to give bars their distinct flavors, additional ingredients are mixed in, like almond butter, cinnamon and more. This mezze box comes with chocolate bars in four flavors: Almond Butter & Vanilla, Fig & Balsamic, Nuts, Honey & Cinnamon and Cashew Butter & Crispy Quinoa.

Shotwell Assorted Caramels Gift Set

Shotwell Candy, a shop located in Memphis, Tennessee, ships its caramels nationwide through Goldbelly. This gift set comes with four boxes of caramels, and each box contains 16 caramels, according to the brand. The caramels come in assorted flavors including Original Salted, Old Fashioned Cocktail, Hand-Crushed Espresso and Craft Beer & Pretzel.

Jcoco Tasting Experience Box

If you’re looking for an activity to do with loved ones on Valentine’s Day, Jcoco offers a Tasting Experience Box, allowing you to try different types of chocolate and learn about them while you do so. The box comes with five chocolate bars, each of which is made from a different type of chocolate, according to the brand. The wrappers include information about how each bar is made and how that contributes to their taste. You also get a chocolate tasting wheel in the box, providing steps to try each bar.

Sugarfina Love Letters: A Candy Tasting Collection

Sugarfina’s tasting collection comes with 16 mini taster boxes filled with sweet treats. Each box contains four pieces of candy, like Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, Winter Berry Sparkle Pops and more. It also includes gummies such as Champagne Bears, Long-Stem Roses and Sugar Lips.

Lakrids by Bulow Love Selection Box

Lakrids by Bulow, a Danish confectionery brand, offers a heart-shaped box filled with chocolate-coated licorice for Valentine’s Day. The brand says the licorice is made with rice flour, making it gluten-free, and the box features candy in six different flavors like Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt and Strawberry & Cream.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Hugs & Kisses Tackle Box

This tackle box is filled with Valentine’s Day-themed candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar. It features gummies in flavors from watermelon to cherry that are shaped like lips, XOXO letters, hearts and bears. The box also comes with chocolate peanut butter hearts, Hershey’s Kisses and marshmallows.

Seattle Chocolate Berry in Love Care Package

From truffles to flavored chocolate bars, Seattle Chocolate’s Berry in Love Care Package contains multiple different candy options. Your valentine will get the brand’s Take Me Anywhere Heart Box packed with chocolate truffles, as well as chocolate bars in three flavors: Like You a Latte, Tart & Soul and Berry in Love. The package also comes with three mini chocolate bars in flavors like Mango Plantain, Orange Blossom Espresso and Black Fig Pistachio, as well as a postcard highlighting chocolate pairing suggestions.

SmartSweets Build-A-Box

If you’re looking to customize a candy gift for your loved ones, SmartSweets offers a Build-A-Box option. You can select a box to fill with either 14 or 28 bags of SmartSweets candy. Options include Gummy Worms and Fruity Gummy Bears, as well as plant-based options like Sweet Fish, Sour Blast Buddies, Peach Rings and more.

Tony’s Chocolonely White Raspberry Popping Candy Bar

Tony’s Chocolonely offers its White Raspberry Popping Candy Bar for Valentine’s Day packaged in a pink wrapper. If you’re looking for a customizable chocolate gift, Tony’s Chocolonely recently introduced wrapper customization, allowing you to personalize chocolate bars for holidays and other celebrations. You can customize wrappers for flavored chocolate bars like Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt and Dark Milk Chocolate Pretzel Toffee.

Personalizable M&M’s Heart Shaped Candy Box

You can customize the M&M’s in this heart-shaped box for your loved ones, adding a personal touch to the candies. Choose from over 20 colors, Valentine’s Day-themed clip art, messages and personal photos, and design up to four different types of M&M’s to fill the box.

Oh! Nuts Milk Chocolate Long Stem Roses

These milk chocolate roses come wrapped in red or pink foil and are sold in a pack of six. They’re attached to faux stems, and together they make an edible bouquet. Oh! Nuts also offers the chocolate roses in a pack of 48, and they sell Jelly Roses, too, if your loved one doesn’t like chocolate.

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