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Face masks to skin care: Popular products we covered last month

Home gym equipment, personal fans and UV sanitizers are just a few of the in-demand products readers gravitated toward in June.
The Farmer's Dog Food and Dyson Pure Cool DP04-HEPA Air Purifier and Fan
In June, NBC News Shopping readers revamped their home workstations with ergonomic office chairs, stocked up on self-care products and kept investing in exercise bikes to work out at their leisure.The Farmer's Dog; Dyson; CeraVe; Modway; OtterBox; La Roche-Posay

As the U.S. faced the prospect of reopening various stores, restaurants and salons across the country, NBC News Shopping readers invested heavily in face masks — both from major brands and with particular features like antimicrobial properties. However, staying home must have still been on readers' minds, as they likewise revamped their home workstations with ergonomic office chairs, stocked up on self-care products and kept investing in exercise bikes to work out at their leisure. June 20 also marked the beginning of summer, sparking interest in sunscreen, as well as ways to cool off indoors as the temperature rises.

As you check out the shopping guides and recommendations above, we also wanted to be sure to share which of the wellness, tech, face mask and home products were most popular among readers last month. Below are those most popular products across these categories.

1. The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog provides one of the best types of dog food. The company is a subscription delivery service, so you can get your pup’s food delivered to your door when you need it. The Farmer’s Dog’s fresh, human-grade food and can be customized to fit your dog’s specific needs. This brand is on the pricier side, so it might be a more cost-effective option for owners of small dogs rather than large dogs.

2. Differin Adapxalene Gel 0.1% Acne Treatment

Readers love this teen acne treatment because it works as well as prescription medication, yet can be purchased over the counter. In fact, Samer Jaber, MD, founder of Washington Square Dermatology in New York City, previously told NBC BETTER that Differin is the only OTC retinoid available without a prescription. He suggests applying a pea-sized amount of Differin to your cleansed face before bed.

3. La Roche Posay Effaclar Gel Cleanser for Oily Skin

While using an acne medication like Differin can help with pimples, adding the right facial cleanser into your beauty routine is crucial. Mona Gohara, MD, a dermatologist at Dermatology Physicians of Connecticut, previously told NBC BETTER this foaming cleanser is great for those who commonly suffer from acne. It is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t block pores, and contains zinc pidolate, which has astringent, anti-inflammatory properties shown to improve acne.

4. Eucerin Roughness Relief Spot Treatment

A long, cold winter and spending lots of time indoors this spring may be the culprit of your dry, cracked heels. If your heels don’t look the best but also aren't in terrible shape, Eucerin Roughness Relief Spot Treatment offers a quick fix. Its formula contains a high percentage of urea and exfoliating alpha hydroxy acid, which are known to remove dead skin cells. Then, the moisturizing components of the formula, such as sunflower oil, step in to heal skin.

5. CeraVe Healing Ointment

If you’re looking for another product to mend your cracked heels, readers love CeraVe Healing Ointment. It contains ceramides that help restore your skin’s barrier, and it also contains hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that aids skin in retaining moisture. Those with sensitive skin may want to try this ointment, since its lanolin-free formula won’t cause irritation.

6. Aveeno Kids Continuous Protection Mineral Sunscreen

The temperature is only increasing from here on out, and after months of being cooped up at home, kids are eager to spend their days in the sun. Protect their skin with this mineral sunscreen. NBC BETTER previously reported on the best sunscreen for kids noting the Aveeno sunscreen has a mild, hypoallergenic formula that won’t cause irritation or stinging — and it’s water resistant for 80 minutes.

7. Philips Norelco OneBlade Electric Shaver and Trimmer

This product was named the best hybrid shaver and trimmer by NBC News Shopping since it offers men a blade for the face in addition to a skin guard for the body. It can also be used on one’s beard and head. The replaceable blade lasts up to four months — new ones can be purchased on Amazon or ordered directly from Philips Norelco.

8. Sunny Health Fitness Indoor Exercise Cycle Bike

Peloton might be a household name in the exercise bike industry, but other brands’ bikes are a fraction of the price and serve similar purposes. Our readers like this option, which is relatively budget-friendly and offers an adjustable resistance knob, as NBC News Shopping previously reported.

9. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

If working from home has you thinking about improving your remote office space, this ergonomic chair is a great addition. It was dubbed the best affordable desk chair, as it offers quality support without breaking the bank. The chair is height-adjustable with a 360-degree swivel for easy mobility, and can be paired with laptop accessories that will also help your posture.

10. Evapolar evaCHILL Personal Air Conditioner

In our guide to the best AC unit for your space, Justin Edwards, an HVAC contractor with ContractorAdvisorly, said this one is the best all around for personal use. Its compact size is non-intrusive to an office or bedroom, yet it’s still very powerful. This AC has a working time of up to nine hours, so you can crank it up during your 9 to 5.

11. Dyson Pure Cool DP04-HEPA Air Purifier and Fan

This cooling product serves two purposes: it’s a Wi-Fi-enabled purifying fan that removes allergens through a HEPA filter while also adding a breeze to your space. The fan connects to your smartphone through the Dyson Link app, which gives you real-time air quality updates throughout the day, and works with both Alexa and Google.

12. PhoneSoap Pro

Cellphones are constantly touched and held by people, making them quite dirty if not cleaned regularly. Sanitizing personal items has been top of mind due to the coronavirus, and our readers are fans of using the PhoneSoap Pro for their cellphones, cases and headphones. It’s designed to kill 99.99 percent of bacteria and germs on devices’ surfaces in five minutes.

13. OtterBox Symmetry

OtterBox’s cases are known for being highly protective. The company’s Symmetry case is very slim but still helps soften a phone’s fall if it slips out of your pocket. This case comes in a variety of colors, and it was named one of the best phone cases of 2020 by NBC News Shopping. The brand also recently launched a collection of charging devices.

Popular masks

14.Casetify Reusable Cloth Face Mask

When you buy a reusable face mask from Casetify, the company will donate one to a medical worker in need. These face masks come outfitted with filters and are made with breathable cotton. Casetify’s face masks are machine washable, too. They come in four colors and can be bought in bulk.

15. Adidas Face Covers

Adidas’ polyester face masks are made from 40-percent recycled materials and come in two sizes: extra small/small and medium/large. They come in packs of three so you always have a backup. These masks are dual-layered and machine washable. For every mask sold, Adidas will donate $2 to Save the Children’s Global Coronavirus Response Fund.

16. Buck Mason Antimicrobial Face Mask

You don’t necessarily need an antimicrobial face mask but our readers have taken a liking to this one by Buck Mason. Masks come in a pack of five and the inner layer of each is treated with an anti-microbial coating that will last up to 30 wash cycles. Additionally, the brand donates a mask to a healthcare worker for every one sold.

17. Anthropologie Reusable Face Mask

If you have to wear a face mask everywhere you go, you might as well purchase one that's stylish. Anthropologie offers masks in patterns like polka dots, camouflage and floral print in its five pack set. These masks are made of lightweight, breathable fabric, making it easier to bear wearing a face covering in the hot summer months.

18. Etsy Kids Face Mask

Kids have lots of options to choose from when picking a face mask, from Disney characters to Marvel superheros. But our readers love this one that comes in a variety of designs, like a cat, skeleton and mustache. It’s machine-washable and made with a pocket to insert a filter, and a pack of five filters can be purchased from this Etsy seller, too.

19. Amazon Face Mask Filters

Adding a filter to your face mask may improve the protection it offers, according to Nidhy Varghese, MD, a pediatric pulmonologist in Texas. She told NBC News Shopping that a filter should increase a mask’s effectiveness in filtering out particulate in the air — it does not necessarily make it more effective against the coronavirus. If you already have a face mask with a pocket for a filter, Amazon sells a pack of 20 filters that you can use as replacements for your and your family members’ masks. These filters have five layers of protection and filter out 99 percent of exhaust, pollen, smoke, dust, chemicals, particles and fumes.

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