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New & Notable: Latest from Target, Panasonic, Osprey and more

From Simplehuman to BioLite, here are some noteworthy launches to know about.
Illustration shows a bike, a duffle bag and a hair dryer in peach and orange circles. Coronavirus shopping. Best new products of February 2021 include PopSocket, Panasonic, Simple Human, Stoney Clover Lane, Osprey, Jinx dog food, electric bikes and more.
Notable releases include items across tech, pets, fashion and more. Stoney Clover Lane; sixthreezero; Panasonic

Presidents Day sales offer shoppers big savings this week on mattresses, home goods, clothing and more. But shoppers can also take advantage of deals throughout February, as it’s a good time to purchase a new TV, as well as discounted jewelry, chocolate and floral arrangements after Valentine’s Day. We also dove into how to approach parental controls with advice from a tech expert, and broke down what you need to know about double masking after a new CDC report showed that double masking can help block more than 90 percent of particles.

In Shopping news, Aunt Jemima, which sells pancake mixes and syrups, rebranded to Pearl Milling Company after announcing that they would remove the outdated image of Aunt Jemima at the end of 2020. A new logo is set to make its way onto products in June 2021, too. Nonprofit As You Sow is helping large corporations track their commitments to social and racial justice, recently releasing a scorecard ranking the 250 largest companies in the S&P on their racial justice policies and practices and workplace equity disclosures. Additionally, beauty subscription service IPSY is working to elevate Black voices in beauty as a part of its Beauty Amplified campaign by encouraging customers to shop directly from Black-owned brands and hosting Instagram takeovers with Black creators. Target announced that its new All in Motion activewear brand also became a billion-dollar brand in one year, making it Target’s tenth billion-dollar-valued-owned brand. Finally, KitchenAid announced the launch of its new 2021 Color of the Year, Honey.

Beyond the above, we’re sharing a collection of new and notable releases from brands like PopSockets and Simplehuman, including power banks, backpacks to take with you while camping, a new line of activewear and more.

1. Stoney Clover Lane debuts The Puffy Collection

Stoney Clover Lane’s new collection helps you stay organized with colorful and stylish pouches, tote bags, a kids and adult fanny pack and more. They’re all made with a puffy material, adding some dimension to the products, and come in soft hues like Lilac, Green and Yellow. The collection also includes a jewelry roll, lunch bag and duffle bag. Additionally, Stoney Clover Lane released puffy patches like a Rainbow, Heart and letters that you can stick onto fabric and other materials.

2. Target All in Motion Seamless collection

Target’s activewear brand All in Motion is marking its one-year anniversary with a new line: The Seamless Collection. It includes men’s, women’s, boys’ and girls’ clothing made from soft, sustainably sourced fabric. Items range from women’s high-waisted leggings to sports bras, as well as zip sweatshirt and more. Men and boys can choose from a pullover and T-shirt. All in Motion offers girls leggings and a T-shirt, too. All pieces are sold in a variety of colors like Plum, Charcoal Heather, Green and Black.

3. Osprey’s new Aether and Ariel backpacks

Osprey released newly designed backpacks to take with you on the trail. Aether backpacks are made for men and Ariel backpacks are made for women, reflecting the difference in men’s and women’s torso lengths. There are four types of backpacks available: Aether, Aether Plus, Ariel and Ariel Plus. All of the backpacks come with rain covers and include removable sleeping bag straps, a sleeping bag compartment and multiple pockets and panels for storage. The Aether Plus and Ariel Plus can hold a larger volume of supplies compared to their counterparts, and have a few additional features like a trekking pole attachment. Notably, the backpacks are built with Osprey’s Custom Fit-on-the-Fly Hipbelt or Shoulder Strap, both of which are adjustable and allow you to personalize the backpack’s fit to your specific body size and shape. Backpacks come in a variety of colors and sizes, too.

4. Jinx Peanut Butter & Blueberry Biscuits

Dog food brand Jinx added a new treat flavor to its line of products. The Peanut Butter & Blueberry Biscuits are oven-baked in small batches and made with plant-based ingredients. Biscuits are low in calories and feature ingredients that promote a healthy immune system and heart, including peanut butter, blueberries and chia seeds. Shopping readers also like Jinx Chicken Brown Rice and Avocado dog food.

5. BioLite Charge PD series

BioLite’s new line of power banks utilize power delivery technology to help charge devices faster and more efficiently than a common USB-C connection. There are three models in the collection — the Charge 20 PD, Charge 40 PD and Charge 80 PD — which increase in the number of full device charges they offer and the total charge times, respectively. The BioLite PD power banks can charge phones as well as the BioLite Headlamp 330. They feature one USB-C port and two USB-A ports.

6. Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer EH-NA67-W

Panasonic’s new hair dryer uses the brand’s patented nanoe technology to reduce hair damage from everyday brushing. It’s made for men and women and comes with three attachments: an Oscillating Quick Dry Nozzle, a diffuser and a concentrator nozzle. The hair dryer has a removable filter to make cleaning easy, as well as two speed settings and three heat settings that allow you to customize the hair dryer for different drying times, hair styles and hair types.

7. SixThreeZero AroundtheBlock NEW 500W electric bike

This bike combines the technology of an electric bike with the frame design of a classic cruiser. It has a battery, hidden cabling and motor that works in three modes: off, pedal assist and full electric. Turning the motor off allows you to pedal like you would on a traditional bike, and pedal assist mode only engages the motor while you pedal. You can also let the motor do all the work in full electric mode. The bike has a top speed of 20 mph with full electric, getting you about 20 miles on one battery charge, and 28 mph with pedal assist, which allows you to travel between 20 to 40 miles. The bike sports 26-inch wheels, front and rear disc hand brakes, a thumb throttle that allows you to move between motor modes and an electric display that shows you how fast you’re riding. It fits riders between 5 feet and 6 feet tall, and comes in four colors: Cream-coffee, Lilac-ginger, Pine-melon and Sky-marigold.

8. Simplehuman Liquid Soap Sensor Pump Max

This 32-ounce sensor pump can be filled with soap or hand sanitizer, and it’s designed to be used without constant refilling. You can get more than 300 dispenses before having to refill the pump, and it’s powered by four D-cell batteries that last for up to a year. The pump dispenses a small amount of hand sanitizer if you place your hand close to the sensor, or a larger amount if you place your hand farther away. It comes with a pin tool that allows you to remove the tamper-proof lid to reveal a wide opening that makes the pump easy to refill. While you can fill the pump with any hand sanitizer or soap, Simplehuman also sells its own varieties.

9. LastSwab Reusable Cotton Swab

An alternative to single-use cotton swabs and Q-tips, the LastObject LastSwab is a reusable cotton swab. The end of the swab is made from TPE, a rubber-like material, and the rob is made of plastic reinforced with glass fiber. After using the swab, it can be cleaned with soap and water, and it’s designed for up to 1,000 uses. The swab comes with a carrying case to take it with you on the go or store it when it’s not in use. LastObject also makes a beauty swab that has a pointed tip instead of a rounded tip, which is designed specifically for makeup touch-ups. Both swabs come in a variety of colors like Turquoise, Black, White and Peach, and LastObject sells reusable cotton pads and tissues, too.

10. Eight Sleep Pod Pro

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro comes with the Hub, a motor that’s made with hydro-engines and filled with water. Water flows from the Hub to the mattress’ Active Layer, the thermoregulating layer of the bed. This helps keep the mattress warm or cool, depending on what temperature you prefer between 55 degrees and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The mattress has five layers total, including four layers of premium foam that support you while you sleep. It is split into two zones, which allows you to set a temperature for each side of the bed using the Eight Sleep app. Additionally, the Active Layer is built with sensors that track your sleep and biometrics like your heart rate. The Eight Sleep Pod Pro also features a smart alarm that uses gentle vibration around your chest to wake you up while gradually cooling or warming the bed. You can set and control the smart alarm using the app, too.

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