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TRX launches new TRX Bandit resistance band handles set

The TRX Bandit is the brand’s new set of universal handles for resistance bands, a compact set of grips to help you perfect your form.
Illustration of two different Woman and one Man using the new TRX workout band
TRX Bandit handles are designed to be portable and compact, the brand aiming to alleviate travel workout barriers, commuter workouts in-office and, of course, taking up little space at home.Courtesy TRX

TRX, known for its suspension training systems, just launched the TRX Bandit, a set of removable handles that snap on to any resistance bands. Portable and compact, the Bandit is designed for you to throw in your gym bag and take off, whether to the office, leisurely trips or in-place and within small spaces like dorms and at-home gyms.

TRX stands for “total resistance exercise” and, like suspension training systems, resistance bands challenge your strength against gravity or itself, as experts previously told us. But if you rely solely on resistance bands, they can be slippery and distracting, leading to less effective workouts, the brand reasoned. The TRX Bandit offers a comfortable grip, increased control over resistance bands and elevates your focus on form during exercise — in other words, it’s an accessory for resistance bands that makes them easier to use and designed to take up as little space as possible — like resistance bands themselves.

The handles feature an ergonomic design and are constructed from ThermoPlastic Rubber, the same materials as the TRX Suspension Trainer. The handles are designed to be universal, so they can be used with any resistance bands. And while the handles are attached, you can slide them over and do handle-free movements, too.

You can purchase the TRX Bandit in a pack with two handles. The brand also offers the TRX Bandit Kit, which includes two handles, two blue TRX Strength Bands and two green TRX Strength Bands. Both options come with a seven-day free trial to the TRX Training Club, which features introductory videos and on-demand workouts specific to the TRX Bandit. Additional TRX bands and suspension training systems are sold separately.

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