World Newspapers React With Shock, Mockery to Donald Trump’s Win

See How Trump's Election Dominates Russia's Newspapers 1:44

Disbelief, horror and downright mockery. If the reaction of world newspapers to Donald Trump's victory is a barometer of public opinion then America's president elect has bridges to build.

Trump's ratings across Europe and Asia are hugely negative, and many of Thursday's front pages reflected that.

The Simpson's prediction went viral on social media but was swiftly debunked Wednesday. The cartoon is actually from last year after Trump announced his candidacy.

The headline of Germany's Die Welt read: "The World is Upside Down."

"Hurricane," was how the election was summed up by France's Le Figaro.

But there was at least one country where Trump's victory got zero attention: North Korea.

North Korea Media Ignore U.S. Elections 0:52