Best Back-to-School Gadgets for Under $75

Finally, years of grandma sending birthday checks have paid off. It's time to lighten your wallet with these four gadgets, all priced at $75 or under.

Noke Bluetooth Padlock

Noke Bluetooth Padlock - Keys and locker combinations are sooo 2013. The steel Noke — which is the same size as a normal padlock — can be opened with an iOS or Android app. ($59)

Lumen Smart Bulb - Sure, that totally sweet [insert band name that young people like] poster looks cool, but it would look even better illuminated with this smartphone-controlled light bulb that's capable of changing colors, flashing in sync with music and slipping into dim "romance mode." ($69.99)

Prong Power Case

Prong PWR Case - Who wants to carry an extra cable or battery pack in their bag? This sleek case for the iPhone works as both. ($65)

Spotify Premium - Nothing ruins a party or study playlist like ads. Luckily, students get a 50 percent discount on Spotify Premium, which lets users listen to music without ads and offline. ($59.88 for a year)



— Keith Wagstaff