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By DJ Holloway

Forget your boring old paddle board, snorkel or kayak.

Whether you’re paddling around in your backyard pool or willing to shell out big bucks for a watercraft worthy of 007 for your lake house, there are plenty of cool summer gadgets out there ready to help you make a splash on the water this summer.

Ameo PowerBreather Spot ($75)

Hate having to turn your head while swimming laps? The PowerBreather Sport made by Amero gives you the ability to not have to turn your head to gasp for air. Best described as a “souped-up snorkel” this electronic device contains two air filters on each side of your head that block water from going into your breathing tube. The Power Breather easily adjusts to the size of your head, as the mouth piece fits comfortably around your mouth.

Ameo PowerBreather Sport.Ameo

The Go Boat ($199)

The Go Boat is a miniature, motorized inflatable boat that you can throw in the back of your car after a long day of fishing. The Go Boat allows you to make your boating experience private and easy, without having to handle a massive motorboat by yourself. Each boat fits one person, but users can purchase “Family Packs” to enjoy a day out boating with the whole family. Each boat fits one person and breaks down into three pieces: the body, the inflatable rubber that surrounds the body, and the motor, making it easy to bring along for a solo fishing trip out on the lake.

Stand Up Mirage ($2,499)

Think of it as an elliptical machine for the water: the Mirage Eclipse made by Hobie Cat Companyis the mashed-up child of a paddle board and a Stairmaster. While standing up on the board, users are able to move across the water by pressing down on two pedals with their feet while holding onto a handlebar. Paddle boards can use the foot pedals to control how fast the board is moving, or even break.

Water Hover Board ($5,290)

For the wannabe Marty McFlys out there, your childhood dreams of a levitating board have come true with the Water Hover Board from Aquatic Aviation — on the water, at least. Riders strap their feet onto the 34-inch-long board, and are boosted into the air by the force of a jet of water coming out from the other side of the water board. With this device, you can be launched high into the air and do cool in-the-air tricks while your feet are strapped onto the board. It will set you back a pretty penny … but could also make for a pretty cool entrance to your next barbecue.

Flyboard + Hoverboard + Jetpack.Aquatic Aviation

Quadrofoil ($18,700)

While it’s definitely too big for your backyard pool, the Quadrofoil is an “all-electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft” that is a perfect water ride for the James Bond in each of us. This watercraft will make you feel good about not harming the environment with a gas engine, while also cruising in style across any body of water. Dubbed “the sports car for the water,” this device will be released in September.