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Man Kills Alleged Thief After Using 'Find My iPhone'

After his son was robbed, a Scottish man used 'Find My iPhone" to locate the thief. The result: One man dead and a "culpable homicide" charge.

A man in Scotland admitted in court to stabbing an alleged iPhone thief to death last summer after tacking him down with the “Find My iPhone” feature. Derek Grant, 38, told the High Court in Glasgow that he located Patrick Bradley in the Scottish town of Greenock and confronted him about reportedly stealing his son’s iPhone, according to media reports. Bradley then stabbed Grant in the eye, prompting the father to stab Bradley repeatedly with a knife he had brought from home, according to information presented in court. Bradley later died from cardiac arrest following the attack. Grant, who is now blind in one eye, pleaded guilty to culpable homicide. He will be sentenced next month.



— Keith Wagstaff