Dyson Brings Its High-End 360 Eye Robot Vacuum to the U.S. Next Year

Robot vacuums are still a fairly rare sight these days, but it's not for want of selection — and Dyson is getting into the game by bringing its ultra-fancy 360 Eye to the U.S.

The 360 Eye has been available in Japan for a short time, though at ¥138,000, or about $1,150, even the robot aficionados there might think twice before pulling out their wallets. Though with a powerful vision system, hardcore Dyson vacuum system and a pair of tank tracks to get around with, it's certainly tempting. Dyson doesn't do things by halves, and the 360 Eye is more proof of that.

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Of course, the device's bulk means it can't go under couches or beds, and like its brethren it can't navigate stairs and other sudden height changes.

If you don't mind these shortcomings and just want to have the most advanced robot vacuum out there (and who doesn't?), you'll be able to in late summer next year, Dyson confirmed to NBC News. No price just yet, but it's not likely to undercut the Roomba any time soon.