Pre-caffeine tech: NSA spooks, LinkedIn creeps!

via BuzzFeed

Our pre-caffeine roundup is a collection of the hottest, strangest, and most amusing stories of the morning.

NSA at Defcon? More like No Spooks Allowed!

Tired of helping the CIA? Quit Facebook, the Venezuela minister suggests.

Good news everybody! The X-47B Navy drone completed its first ever unmanned carrier landing ever.

The T-1000 cometh? 3-D printers go from plastic to liquid metal.

Want to love a robot? Let it nurture you, not the other way around.

Google Maps for mobile gets just got a new look and new navigation tools. Check it out.

Check out this "Battleship"-style "GlassBattle" — it's the gaming potential of Google Glass!

Meanwhile, glasses of the future? Just glasses, turns out.

Nintendo finally got around to admitting it needs a new video game franchise.

In closing: The 11 creepiest things about LinkedIn.

Compiled by Helen A.S. Popkin, who invites you to join her on Twitter and/or Facebook.