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Feb. 17: 'Mystery at Heath Bar Farm'

Once a hometown hero in Coldwater, Michigan, Tom Foley is shocked to find himself the lead suspect in the case of his wife Darlene's murder.

When Darlene failed to show up at their son's 10th birthday party, Tom said he feared the worst and returned home to find her shot dead in the shower. Though investigators never found the murder weapon, a suspicious bag of shotgun shells found in the basement along with testimonials from Tom and Darlene's son and his friend about a strange noise they heard that day, lead to Tom's conviction. Thinking the case was over, the defense team is soon approached by a stranger with new evidence that would turn everything upside down.

Dateline NBC's Josh Mankiewicz reports The Mystery at Heath Bar Farm on Sunday, February 17th, at 7pm/6c.