Freshman Year

Alex Bender

Age: 17

Hometown: Aurora, Colorado

Schools applied to: University of Colorado Boulder, University of Texas Austin, University of Virginia, Northeastern University, Northwestern University, Princeton University, Yale University, Harvard College, and Stanford University

What I plan on studying in college: Very Undecided on my major... I can see myself going the engineering route, business route, politics/law route, or any combination of these routes.

Status for the fall: I am currently deciding between University of Colorado Boulder, University of Texas Austin and Northeastern University. I have scholarship opportunities at all of the schools, so all that is left is for me to sit down and actually make a decision.

What I'm most excited for at college: Freedom. I am exciting to decide my own classes and life path. In high school, I take nearly 40 hours of classes a week, so I am swamped by all my commitments and don't have much free time. In college, I am excited to have more free time and to experience so many new things.

What I'm most nervous for at college: Starting new. I am fairly established in my high school life. I know everyone and everything I need to, pretty much. In college, I will have to start anew by meeting people and learning everything I need. I am not worried; I am confident that I will be able to do this, but I suppose it is the thing I am most nervous for.

What's notable, education-wise, about my family: My father did not graduate from college. My mother did. If I choose to go to any school other than CU Boulder, I will be the first of my family to go to school outside of the state they grew up in.

Alex Bender