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Edie Windsor on Remarriage: 'I Feel Full and Whole' Again

Gay marriage pioneer Edie Windsor, who was recently remarried, tells NBC OUT she feels "full and whole" again after her "years of mourning" following the death of her first wife.
Edie Windsor (left) and Judith Kasen (right).
Edie Windsor (left) and Judith Kasen (right).Allison Drew Klein

Edie Windsor, the 87-year-old LGBTQ activist whose lawsuit against the federal government helped paved the way for same-sex marriage nationwide, was remarried last week to Judith Kasen, 51.

"I feel full and whole after my years of mourning," Windsor told NBC OUT via email. "I didn’t believe I could feel this kind of love again."

"Feels wonderful," Kasen added. "We are very happy we went ahead and just did it!"

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The couple married at City Hall in New York on Sept. 26. When asked who popped the question, Kasen said, "We really took turns and asked each other all the time for months."

So, will there be a honeymoon? The couple noted they have plans to go on an Olivia cruise in February, where Windsor has a speaking engagement. And, depending on how the presidential election goes next month, they may be taking a very long trip.

"If Trump becomes president, we are going on a four-year honeymoon in Barcelona," Windsor said.

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