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Wife cleared in husband's disappearance

The wife of  missing honeymooner George Smith has  been exonerated as the prime suspect in his disappearance.   Investigators are now shifting towards three young men, who were the last to see Smith alive after what has been described as a night of drunken debauchery.
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Investigators in the case of missing honeymooner George Smith IV broke new ground in their search for answers.  According to NBC News sources, focus shifted from Smith’s wife Jennifer Hagel, to three drunken young men who last saw him alive.

Generally met with silence from those close to the case, investigators previously concentrated on Hagel.

“She has been cleared.  She is not the focus of the investigation,” says former Connecticut prosecutor and MSNBC analyst Susan Filan.  Filan says a California teen and two Russians who live in New York may provide clues.

According to Filan, the newlywed couple was reportedly "partying pretty heavily" during the night in question.  Hagel left early and passed out in a near by lounge while Smith stayed behind to socialize.  The Californian teen and the two Russians later escorted Smith back to his room.

“They try to stick to a story, pretty much saying he was drunk.  We brought him to his cabin.  He passed out.  We left," says Filan.  "The inconsistencies in their own statements lead law enforcement to believe this is more likely foul play than a tragic accident.”

A passenger next-door, who is a retired police officer, reported hearing a suspicious, thud-like noise.  He also says he saw the group of men leaving down the hall.

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