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Democrats' Fetterman Restarts Rallies Against Oz After Stroke
Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, Democratic Senate candidate, speaks at a rally in Erie, Pa., on Aug. 12. Justin Merriman / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Crime emerges as a focal point in Pennsylvania Senate race

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is out with a new ad highlighting his stance on crime while the Republican group attacks him on the issue.


While everyone was focused on the veggie wars in Pennsylvania's Senate race, crime emerged as a focal point on the airwaves.

In a new ad, Senate Leadership Fund, a super PAC aligned with Senate GOP leadership, is blasting Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, the Democratic nominee for Senate, over the time he served as the Chairman of the Board of Pardons in Pennsylvania.

"As chairman of the Board of Pardons, Fetterman says he’s trying to get as many criminals out of prison as he can," a narrator in the ad says, citing comments Fetterman made in a Politico Magazine piece while speaking to a criminal justice advocate.

The narrator at the end of the ad tells viewers, "Far left John Fetterman is too far left. He’s dangerously liberal on crime."

In his own new spot, Fetterman tells viewers, "Doc OOz and his Gucci loafers is attacking me on crime."

He adds that Republican nominee for Senate, "Dr. O,z" wouldn't last two hours here in Braddock," the small Pennsylvania town of which Fetterman was formerly mayor.

The ad highlights a news report talking about the tattoos on Fetterman's arms, "the [Braddock] zip code tattooed on one arm, the dates of murders on the other."

Then, Fetterman explains he ran for mayor specifically to stop violence and prevent deaths. "We did whatever it took to fund our police and stopped gun deaths for five years," Fetterman adds, responding to allegations that he's in favor of "defunding" the police.