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The Capitol in Washington, D.C.
The Capitol in Washington, D.C.Eric Lee / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Number of big-money midterm donors hits new high months before Election Day

Eighteen people have already donated at least $10 million to federal elections for this midterm, a Meet the Press Reports analysis shows.


Not only has the amount raised for this fall's midterm elections already eclipsed what was raised for the entirety of the 2018 cycle, but the number of big-money donors has already surpassed that cycle too.

According to an analysis done by Meet the Press Reports for the latest episode focused on the “American Oligarchy” and the influence of big-money donors, there has already been a collective total of about $9.4 billion raised for federal elections this cycle (to candidates, PACs and party committees) through June.

By comparison, those groups raised $8.6 million during the entire 2018 cycle, and $4.9 million through the entire 2014 cycle.

As federal campaigns draw more money, the number of big-money donors is increasing too.

Just three people donated at least $10 million to House and Senate races in the entire 2014 cycle. In the 2018 cycle, that number jumped to 14, and through June of 2022, 18 people have already eclipsed that mark.

There's also been an increase in big donors at a lower level. In the 2014 cycle, more than 100 people donated at least $500,000; more than 220 hit that mark in the 2018 cycle; and at least 336 have hit the $500,000 threshold so far this cycle.     

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