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Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto has Covid, urges vaccines

The anchor learned of the test results after Monday’s episode of “Your World with Neil Cavuto," and wasn’t on the air Tuesday.

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto has tested positive for Covid-19 and is urging people to get vaccinated.

“While I’m somewhat stunned by this news, doctors tell me I’m lucky as well. Had I not been vaccinated, and with all my medical issues, this would be a far more dire situation," Cavuto, 63, said in a statement.

Cavuto, who had open-heart surgery in 2016, was treated for cancer in the 1980s and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1997, has been open about his health challenges.

The anchor learned of the test results after Monday’s episode of “Your World with Neil Cavuto," and wasn’t on the air Tuesday.

He said he is "surviving" Covid because he is vaccinated. "I hope anyone and everyone gets that message loud and clear. Get vaccinated, for yourself and everyone around you" Cavuto said in his statement.

Cavuto also hosts "Cavuto Live" on Fox News and "Cavuto: Coast to Coast" on Fox Business Network.

Fox Corp. said last month that all unvaccinated employees will be tested each day, not just once a week. The company had previously required employees to report their vaccination status and said the 90 percent of full-time employees were inoculated.

Still, on-air, many anchors continue to bash the vaccine and efforts by the Biden administration to get more Americans vaccinated.

“You can’t allow people to force you to take drugs that you don’t want or that you don’t need,” Tucker Carlson said last month. “It’s up to you what drugs you take, period. If you allow people to force you to take drugs you don’t want, you’re done. They own you. You’re no longer free, period.”

He interviewed comic Jim Breuer, who has said he is canceling shows at venues that require audience members to be vaccinated and former CBS News reporter Lara Logan, who compared Biden’s plans to Marxism and Nazism.

“All of it is about control,” she said.

Over the summer, Fox News host Sean Hannity, who has spent considerable airtime downplaying the effects of Covid-19, urged his viewers take it seriously" and "talk to your doctor, your doctors, medical professionals you trust based on your unique medical history, your current medical condition, and you and your doctor make a very important decision for your own safety."

"It absolutely makes sense for many Americans to get vaccinated. I believe in science, I believe in the science of vaccination," he said.

But just about a month later, while interviewing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, he said the Covid-19 vaccine is "not protecting many people."

Meanwhile, “Fox and Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade in July compared skipping the Covid-19 vaccine to cliff diving, saying on Monday that people who don't survive the disease made the “choice” to die.