Rand Paul Skewers 2016 Rivals in Annual ‘Festivus’ Twitter Rant

Rand Paul has a lot of grievances to share with us.

The GOP presidential candidate on Wednesday again celebrated the comic "holiday" of Festivus, made famous by a 1997 episode of Seinfeld, by launching the traditional "airing of grievances" on Twitter.

Paul performed a similar tweet storm on December 23, 2014. But this time, he launched some zingers at his presidential rivals.

He took aim at Donald Trump's recent use of the Yiddish-derived word "schlonged," which the GOP frontrunner insists is not "vulgar."

He poked fun at Ted Cruz's birthplace in Canada.

He mused about Ben Carson's low-key style in the debates.

... and he didn't have particularly kind words for Jeb Bush's performance in the debates, either.

He dinged Marco Rubio's low attendance rate in the Senate.

And he even weighed in on Hillary Clinton's delayed reappearance from the restroom during Saturday's Democratic debate.