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Here are some other things Trump talked about besides the synagogue massacre

The president weighed in on everything from the state of his hair to the Nobel Peace Prize.
Image: President Donald J. Trump addresses Future Farmers of Amereica
U.S. President Donald J. Trump speaks to the Future Farmers of America convention at the Banker's Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis on Oct. 27, 2018.Justin Casterline / EPA

The massacre in Pittsburgh wasn't the only topic on President Donald Trump's mind on a Saturday in which he mused about the state of his hair, took light swipes at two of his favorite Democratic targets and lamented that he likely won't win the Nobel Peace Prize.

And that was all before he delivered a campaign speech in rural Illinois Saturday night.

Here are a few of the things Trump talked about in several exchanges with reporters and at a Future Farmers of America conference in Indianapolis:

His hair

"By the way somebody just said, your hair looks different today. I said, well I was standing under the wing of Air Force One doing a news conference this morning. A very unfortunate news conference. And the wind was blowing and the rain and I was soaking wet. And that's what I ended up with today. And I said, well, at least you know it's mine. And I said maybe I should cancel this arrangement because I have a bad hair day and the bad news is someone actually said actually it looks better than it usually does."

Sen. Warren

"A sad thing happened to (Elizabeth Warren). Turned out I have more Indian blood in me than she has. What a sad event and I have none, so you know. We can't resist. Can we resist? Right? But how good is that as a sound bite?"

Rep. Pelosi

"I won't tell you that they're aligned with Nancy Pelosi (a couple of Democratic candidates). I'm going to be nice."


"We are right now having more people working in the United States, by far, than ever before. Today, right now. Just can't lose it. That's a good soundbite. The unemployment rate just fell to lowest level in more than 50 years. That's another good sound bite. Here's one that I love. Here's one that I love. The Hispanic, Hispanic American. African Americans. Kanye West. Was he great? He did me a big favor. Kanye! People like him."

The Nobel Prize

"They probably will never give (the Nobel Peace Prize) to me even with what I'm doing in Korea and Idlib Province and all these places, but they will never give it to me and you know why? Because they don't want to."


"Don't worry too much about the globalists want to take care of globe to have to take care of self before we start worrying about others."