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First Read's Morning Clips: Only a third of millennials say they'll vote

A roundup of the most important political news stories of the day
A voter casts his primary vote in Hialeah, Florida on Aug. 30, 2016. Hacking attempts of voting machines and leaked emails could alter the trajectory of the presidential campaign in its final weeks. These prospects worry people in both campaigns.Alan Diaz / AP file

MIDTERM MADNESS: Only a third of millennials say they’ll vote, per poll

Just a third of millennials say they’ll vote.

The New York Times writes that Trump is tossing out ideas a week before the midterms to see what sticks.

Most competitive districts in the country are disproportionately prosperous.

2020: Trump’s reelection campaign is taking shape much sooner than previous reelection bids.

FL-SEN: Rick Scott is being haunted by his environmental record, writes the Washington Post.

FL-26: NPR looks at how Carlos Curbelo is trying to hang on.

GA-GOV: Concern is growing over the rejection of mail-in ballots in Georgia.

HI-GOV: Things are getting very weird on the GOP side of the Hawaii governors’ race.

ID-GOV: The Republican governor of Idaho is backing a ballot measure expanding Medicaid.

IA-4: After being denounced by his own party campaign chairman, is Steve King in trouble? NBC’s Ben Kamisar takes a look.

IA-SEN: Chuck Grassley is undecided about running again in 2022.

IN-SEN: Joe Donnelly says he’s open to discussion about ending birthright citizenship.

KS-GOV: Greg Orman’s campaign treasurer has resigned and endorsed the Democrat in the race.

MN-SEN: The women running for Senate aren’t letting the men of their party bring them down, writes the Washington Post.

ND-SEN: Native Americans are fighting back against the state’s voter ID law.

NJ-SEN: Bob Hugin is siding against the president on immigration.

NY-1: The New York Times does a deep dive on Lee Zeldin’s reelection campaign

SC-5: Democrats abandoned Archie Parnell after revelations of domestic violence. Now, some are trying to help him, but Republicans are pushing back.

TN-SEN: Here’s our full write-up of the NBC/Marist Tennessee poll showing Blackburn edging Bredesen.

And just in case you needed a Taylor Swift update on her support for Bredesen, here’s the story.

TRUMP AGENDA: A chilly reception in Pittsburgh

The Washington Post reports on the pushback to Trump’s visit to Pittsburgh.

The New York Times looks at how Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump shaped the president’s response to the tragedy.

Here’s the legal background on what experts say about birthright citizenship and executive orders.

Kellyanne Conway’s husband joined an op-ed with Neal Katyal, writing that the executive order proposal is unconstitutional.

Trump is turning the midterms into “a forum on American identity,” writes the Washington Post.

Robert Mueller is looking into the timing of the release of John Podesta’s emails.