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First Read's Morning Clips: Priorities USA will stay neutral in 2020 primary

A roundup of the most important political news stories of the day
A voter casts his primary vote in Hialeah, Florida on Aug. 30, 2016. Hacking attempts of voting machines and leaked emails could alter the trajectory of the presidential campaign in its final weeks. These prospects worry people in both campaigns.Alan Diaz / AP file

MIDTERM MADNESS: Priorities USA says it’ll stay neutral in the 2020 primary

NBC’s Alex Seitz-Wald reports that Priorities USA is vowing to stay on the sidelines in the 2020 Democratic primary, focusing instead on beating Trump.

CA-GOV: Amanda Renteria says Gavin Newsom should drop out of the race over an affair he had with a city hall aide.

IL-3: Obama allies are getting some revenge for Lipinski’s fights with the Obama administration.

IL-GOV: The Democratic Governors Association is making some mischief in the GOP primary.

MI-13 :A judge is hearing arguments challenging the 11-month vacancy in Congress due to Rep. John Conyers’ resignation.

PA-6: Is Ryan Costello thinking of retiring?

PA-18: Lamb’s win was good news for Democrats, but it’s also caused a flare-up in the Democratic civil war, writes POLITICO.

UT-SEN: Mitt Romney has a primary challenger.

VA-10: Ralph Northam has endorsed Jennifer Wexton.

TRUMP AGENDA: Mueller subpoenas Trump Org

From the Washington Post’s report on H.R. McMaster: “President Trump has decided to remove H.R. McMaster as his national security adviser and is actively discussing potential replacements, according to five people with knowledge of the plans, preparing to deliver yet another jolt to the senior ranks of his administration. Trump is now comfortable with ousting McMaster, with whom he never personally gelled, but is willing to take time executing the move because he wants to ensure both that the three-star Army general is not humiliated and that there is a strong successor lined up, these people said.”

And in the New York Times: “And the purge at the top may not be over. Mr. Trump, who is famously fickle, appears to have soured on additional members of his senior leadership team — and his frequent mulling about making changes has some people around him convinced that he could act soon.”

POLITICO notes that all the Cabinet shakeups are giving Democrats the chance to fight Trump’s replacements.

The New York Times: “The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, has subpoenaed the Trump Organization to turn over documents, including some related to Russia, according to two people briefed on the matter. The order is the first known time that the special counsel demanded documents directly related to President Trump’s businesses, bringing the investigation closer to the president.”

Democrats say they have proof that the Trump administration ousted State Department career officials for “disloyalty” to the president, reports the Washington Post.

Vanessa Trump is filing for divorce from Donald Trump Jr.