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The best bidets of 2023, according to experts

Basic bidets have adjustable nozzles, while some high-end models offer seat warmers, dryers and night lights.
We curated the best handheld, seat and toilet bidets from brands like American Standard, Toto and Brondell.
We curated the best handheld, seat and toilet bidets from brands like American Standard, Toto and Brondell. Brondell/ Amazon

Considering a bidet for your toilet? These water-dispensing fixtures offer plenty of benefits, including a thorough clean of your backside, reduced reliance on single-use paper products and a more eco-friendly household, according to our experts. Most importantly, “bidets offer superior cleanliness and hygiene for the anal and genital areas, surpassing the effectiveness of traditional toilet paper,” says Sara Mesilhy, gastroenterologist and member of the Royal College of Physicians UK.

That said, given the range of designs, sizes, materials and features, shopping for a bidet can be overwhelming — especially if you plan to install it yourself. To learn more about bidets and how to choose one, we interviewed two plumbers and a gastroenterologist. Below, you’ll find their shopping advice and their recommended bidets, so you can find the best model for your needs.

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Our top picks

How we picked the best bidets

We interviewed two plumbers who recommend keeping the following information in mind when shopping for the best bidets:

  • Type: Bidets come in a range of design options, such as handheld sprayers, seats, standalone models and toilets with built-in bidets. You can learn more about each type below.
  • Compatibility: Bidets require the right attachments and sources (for water flow and, in some cases, electricity) to function properly, according to our experts. Size and shape compatibility with your existing toilet is also key.
  • Materials: The best bidets are both aesthetically pleasing and durable, according to our experts. As a general rule of thumb, metal fixtures are superior to plastic, as they resist rust and bacteria, says Andrew Miles, plumber and owner of WaterFilterCast.
  • Features: Top-of-the-line bidets may offer additional features that boost comfortability and hygiene, including heated seats, heated streams of water, built-in sanitizers and air dryers, according to our experts.

The best bidets in 2023

Below are some of the most popular bidet attachments, seats and toilets on the market. Most of our picks are direct recommendations from our experts. The rest are bidets that we personally own or are customer favorites with ratings of 4.6 stars or above from at least 700 reviews that are in line with our experts’ shopping advice.

American Standard Aqua Wash Non-Electric Bidet Seat

Billy Bruininga, plumber and the owner of Billy's Plumbing and Rooter, recommends this American Standard bidet seat because it’s easy to install and does not require electricity. It’s designed to fit most elongated toilets and its basic features include dual nozzles with adjustable spray volume and a slow-close seat that resists slamming, according to the brand. Each order comes with the necessary mounting hardware, including a water supply hose, plus the nozzle tips. Additionally, the seat detaches for easy cleaning, according to American Standard.

Bidet type: seat | Dimensions: 14.9 x 3.6 x 21.1 inches | Fits: most elongated toilets

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Bidet Attachment

With a 4.6-star rating from over 80,000 reviewers, the Luxe Neo bidet is designed to fit most standard two-piece toilets (round or elongated), and comes with all the pieces you need for installation, according to the brand. One knob switches the mode between bidet and self-clean, while the other lets you adjust the water pressure as detailed on the brand’s website. The valves and hose are also constructed from metal (rather than plastic) for improved durability, plus the retractable nozzles have a guard to prevent splashback, according to Luxe Bidet. Choose from white, rose gold or blue.

Bidet type: seat attachment | Dimensions: 17 x 10 x 3 inches | Fits: most two-piece toilets

Toto Washlet C2 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

When it comes to power units, Bruininga recommends this model for its primary features, which include a seat warmer, water warmer and the ability to adjust pressure. It’s also relatively easy to install as long as you have an outlet nearby, says Bruininga. The seat fits most standard elongated bowls and the side control panel allows you to adjust rear and front streams, temperature settings and nozzle positions, according to the brand. This unit also has a warm-air dryer, a deodorizer and an automatic wand cleaner.

Bidet type: seat | Dimensions: 18.56 x 20.87 x 5.81 inches | Fits: most elongated toilets

Brondell CleanSpa Non-Electric Handheld Bidet Attachment

The Brondell CleanSpa handheld bidet is made mostly of metal (which our experts recommend to help avoid rusting), and has a metal spiral hose and a steel sprayer that mounts to the side of your tank or wall with the included holster. Since it does not have any electric features, you do not need a nearby outlet to adjust the water pressure or shut the unit off from the T-valve, according to the brand.

Bidet type: handheld | Dimensions: 1.2 x 4 x 5.2 inches | Fits: most standard toilets

Brondell Swash SE600 Advanced Bidet Seat

Miles recommends the Brondell Swash SE600 because of its luxury upgrades that make using it comfortable and enjoyable. “The heated seat is great over the winter months and having the warm-water option is really refreshing,” he says. Miles also likes the self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle, built-in night light and remote control features. Plus, it has a deodorizer and warm-air dryer. Since this seat bidet comes in elongated and round options, it’s designed for easy installation and should fit most toilets, according to the brand.

Bidet type: seat | Dimensions: 8.5 x 20.87 x 6.10 inches (elongated) or 8.5 x 19.5 x 6.10 inches (round) | Fits: elongated or round toilets (depending on the version)

Tushy Travel Bidet

The Tushy travel bidet is my personal pick for both at-home use and travel. Since it’s a portable squeeze bottle rather than an attachment that hooks up to your toilet, you can bring it camping or on vacation or discreetly tuck it away in a cabinet when company comes over. Its silicone body holds up to 11 ounces of water and collapses down to half its size with a built-in carabiner hook and included carrying bag, according to the brand.

Bidet type: portable | Dimensions: 3.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches | Fits: N/A

Toto NeoRest Dual Flush Toilet

The Toto NeoRest is the “Bentley of bidet toilets,” according to Bruininga. Its multiple nozzles have front and rear cleansing and you can customize the warmth, volume and mode of the spray using the remote control, according to the brand. The toilet itself has automatic flushing, a night light, an automatic lid and a sprayer that rinses the bowl in between cleanings. However, it requires a GFCI outlet within five feet and water line modifications for installation, so it’s best to call in a professional, says Bruininga.

Bidet type: toilet | Dimensions: 27.13 x 15.19 x 21.06 inches | Fits: N/A

How do bidets work?

Bidets redirect some of the clean incoming water from your toilet into a nozzle. The nozzle creates a controlled stream of water that cleans your anus and genitalia without or alongside toilet paper. Bidet installations differ depending on the model and design, but all of them have a hose that you attach to your existing water supply. Once installed, most bidets have a dial that you can turn up or down to change the water pressure. The stream should be comfortable, but powerful enough to achieve a thorough clean in less than a minute.

How to shop for bidets

When shopping for bidets, our experts recommend that you keep the following criteria in mind:


Bidets come in a few design options, including handheld sprayers, standalone bidets, bidet seats and toilets with built-in spray nozzles, according to our experts. Each has its own benefits, drawbacks, and installation requirements, which we go into in greater depth below.


Unless you’re purchasing a brand-new toilet with a built-in bidet, the model you choose needs to fit your existing toilet. First, determine whether you have a round or elongated bowl, Bruininga says. Then check the compatibility and dimension information on the brand’s website to ensure that it will fit your toilet.


You should be able to install most bidets yourself as long as you have basic plumbing skills, according to our experts. Many handheld or seat bidets only require a water connection from your toilet and should come with the necessary connectors for hookup, says Miles. That said, top-of-the-line bidets “with heated seats and heated water options will require an electrical outlet nearby,” so if that requires stringing a cord across the bathroom, it may be best to skip the high-tech models, according to Miles.


Look for a brand and style that is durable and matches your existing bathroom decor. For example, a stainless steel nozzle is naturally resistant to bacteria and rust, so it will last much longer than plastic nozzles, according to Miles.

Extra features

With most basic bidets, you can adjust the intensity of the spray. High-end bidets may offer other luxury features, such as heated seats, deodorizers, lights, dryers, and remote controls, says Miles. While these features aren’t necessary, they may provide a more comfortable and gentle experience, according to our experts. (As previously discussed, models that offer these extras will likely require a nearby electrical outlet.)

What are the various types of bidets?

The below models all offer similar hygienic benefits; the difference in designs impact the installation process and some additional features.

  • Bidet seats: These are the most common and easiest to install, according to Miles. Some have a basic nozzle with adjustable water pressure, while more high-tech models may offer heating elements, lights and built-in dryers. These bidets replace your entire existing toilet seat, so it’s imperative that they’re the right size and shape, according to our experts.
  • Handheld attachments: These bidets consist of a hose that reaches from your toilet to a handheld sprayer that typically mounts to the wall or the side of your toilet tank when not in use. They’re often easy to install and relatively affordable, according to our experts.
  • Bidet toilets: Some high-end toilets come with built-in bidets, and while these are typically the most luxurious option, they’re also the most expensive and likely require professional installation, according to our experts.
  • Standalone bidets: Standalone bidets are completely separate from your toilet and use their own water sources. Since they require permanent, professional installation and take up significant space in your bathroom, none of our experts recommended any standalone models.

What are the health benefits of a bidet?

Bidets are both gentler and more hygienic than toilet paper, according to our experts. They limit the “spread of harmful bacteria since they minimize direct contact between hands and fecal matter,” says Mesilhy. Furthermore, cleaning yourself with a gentle stream of water (as opposed to rough toilet paper) may alleviate pressure and minimize the likelihood of developing hemorrhoids, says Mesilhy.

What are the environmental and financial benefits of a bidet?

Bidets let you significantly cut down on toilet paper to achieve a thorough clean, which benefits both the environment and your wallet, according to our experts. “You will also considerably reduce the chance of plumbing blockages,” says Miles. Bruininga agrees: “Unflushable wipes stay out of the picture,” which prevents expensive damage to your sewer system.

What are the risks of a bidet?

All our experts agree that bidets are safer and more hygienic than toilet paper. However, certain people should opt for gentler settings whenever possible; women should avoid over-use to prevent “potential disruptions to the natural vaginal microbiome flora,” and those with hemorrhoids should avoid “higher-powered spray settings” and use “warm water” to minimize irritation, says Mesilhy.

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