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15 best laundry baskets and laundry hampers of 2022

From space-saving collapsible laundry baskets to stylish wicker hampers, here are highly rated options from retailers ranging from Wayfair to Walmart.
Woman folding laundry in living room. Find high-rated laundry baskets and hampers in wicker, plastic and more. Shop products including laundry hampers with a lid and laundry baskets on wheels.
There are loads of laundry baskets and hampers to choose from at retailers like Amazon, Target and more. Jessica Peterson / Getty Images

Alongside doing the dishes and vacuuming, a dreaded household chore for many is cleaning a week’s worth (or more) of dirty clothes. Whether you have a stocked laundry room, you’re a laundromat regular or have a portable washing machine, you can make laundry day a breeze with a dependable, portable hamper. To help you find one that suits your needs and aesthetic sense, we gathered top-rated laundry baskets and hampers in a range of sizes and styles.

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Best laundry baskets of 2022

These are among the most highly rated laundry baskets and hampers we came across at Select readers’ favorite retailers, like Amazon, Target, Walmart and Wayfair. We separated the types of hampers and baskets we found into five common categories, including collapsible hampers and laundry baskets with wheels.

Best wicker laundry baskets

Wicker isn’t actually a material, but the way a material, like willow or reed, is woven together. Wicker has traditionally been used in basketry and is often made with rattan, raffia or straw in furniture, among other materials.

Threshold Woven Dark Global Hamper

This half moon-shaped hamper, from Target’s in-house home decor brand Threshold, is handmade by Filipino artisans and crafted from abaca fiber, according to Target. It’s supported by a metal frame and has a lid to keep dirty laundry out of sight. Its two handles make for easy maneuvering and its liner is removable and machine-washable. It has earned an average 4.8-star rating over more than 440 reviews on Target.

Seville Classics Handwoven Oval Laundry Hamper

If you’re prone to compartmentalizing, you might like this bestselling laundry basket. The oval-shaped basket has two separate compartments with their own machine-washable liners that are secured to the hamper by built-in handles. Made of handwoven plastic, the basket is water-resistant and comes in five colors: Light Amber, Mocha Brown, Water Hyacinth, Natural Water Hyacinth and gray. It has earned a 4.7-star average rating from 6,784 reviews on Amazon.

Bayou Breeze Wicker Laundry Hamper

This wicker hamper is designed to fit snugly into corners. It’s made from a moisture-resistant plastic material and includes carry handles and a removable liner, according to the brand. The hamper is a popular pick with Wayfair shoppers, earning an average 4.6-star rating over more than 2,793 reviews.

SONGMICS Handwoven Laundry Hamper

This waterproof, metal-framed hamper is made from a realistic looking rattan-like plastic and has silica gel feet to prevent scratches on the floor, according to the brand. Its cotton liner is removable, machine-washable and ties to the corners of the hamper. The hamper has earned an average 4.7-star rating over more than 6,196 reviews on Amazon.

Best collapsible laundry baskets

Lifewit Freestanding Laundry Hamper

While this fabric hamper may look inflexible, it can be collapsed when it’s not in use. Its exterior is made from a thick polyester and its interior lining is reinforced with a waterproof coating, according to the brand. The brand says the hamper’s longer handles make it easy to transport with just one hand. It currently comes in two capacities, 72 liters and 100 liters, and in three colors: blue, gray or pink stripes. It has earned an average 4.6-star rating over more than 25,862 reviews.

Handy Laundry Collapsible Mesh Hamper

This affordable and bestselling hamper boasts an average 4.7-star rating over more than 44,553 reviews on Amazon. It’s constructed from what the brand describes as a “durable mesh” that’s meant to keep moisture at bay. A pocket on the hamper offers extra storage or a place to put your phone while headed to the laundry room. You can choose between a handful of colors and designs, including a cute cartoon puppy, though availability fluctuates.

Best laundry baskets on wheels

Caroeas Rolling Slim Laundry Basket

This laundry basket, great for small-apartment dwellers, is designed to fit into narrow spaces around the house. The basket, emblazoned with the word "laundry," lest you forget its purpose, comes with a drawstring mesh cover and a waterproof interior lining. It also has wheels that can lock into place. The hamper has an average 4.2-star rating over more than 23,842 reviews on Amazon.

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Hamper with Removable Laundry Bag

This rolling hamper has smooth-gliding caster wheels and a sturdy steel frame that’s covered with a chrome finish, according to the brand. It includes a removable canvas bag and has an average 4.8-star rating over more than 2,441 reviews on Wayfair.

Sterilite Pack of 3 Ultra Wheeled Hamper

Moving into a bigger space? This three-pack of plastic hampers should cover the whole household. Each hamper has a retractable titanium handle, additional cutout handles on the sides for portability and a flip-top lid. The roller wheels will glide smoothly across different surfaces, according to Sterilite. A popular pick with Amazon shoppers, it has earned an average 4.7-star rating over more than 4,142 reviews.

Best laundry hampers with lids

Whitmor Laundry Hamper with Rope Handles

This bamboo basket has rope handles on each side and an additional rope on the lid. It includes a removable bag inside if you don’t want to carry the whole basket to the laundry room. It currently comes in two stains: Dark and a lighter, Natural. This hamper has an average 4.1-star rating over more than 2,667 reviews on Amazon.

Simple Houseware Double Laundry Hamper

While this dual-compartment hamper might seem big to carry, it’s actually made from a lightweight polypropylene material that makes transporting it to the laundry room easy, according to the brand. Each compartment comes with its own removable laundry bag, to help you separate whites from darks, or your laundry from your significant other’s. It comes in eight colors, from bright turquoise to beige. It’s a popular pick on Amazon, earning an average 4.4-star rating over close to 30,355 reviews.

Best laundry sorters

Wayfair Basics Laundry Center with Hanging Bar

This wheeled laundry center from Wayfair Basics, the online decor shop’s line of affordable home essentials, offers an adjustable hanging bar for ironed clothes or delicates. It also features three removable and machine-washable hamper bags. It has an average 4.2-star rating with close to 896 reviews on Wayfair.

Honey-Can-Do Triple Laundry Sorter

This heavy-duty laundry sorter is constructed with a rust-resistant steel frame with a chrome finish, according to Honey-Can-Do. Its high-traction swivel wheels can be locked to keep the hamper in place and the three sorting bins each have metal handles to lift them up. It has earned an average 4.7-star rating over more than 1,571 reviews on Amazon.

Dotted Line Elena 3 Bag Laundry Sorter

Like other sorters, this wheeled hamper has three compartments for separating lights, darks and delicates — but with the Elena, each removable fabric bag slides out on runners. You can also use its table-like surface to fold clean laundry. The multi-use sorter has an average 4.3-star rating with close to 540 reviews on Wayfair.

Andover Mills Petrone Combo Laundry Center

This laundry sorter comes with a tray-style top that doubles as an ironing board and folds upward for easy access to the three machine-washable laundry bags. The sorter sits on four caster wheels for transportability. It has an average 4.5-star rating over more than 8,800 reviews on Wayfair.

Where to find laundry baskets and hampers

If you’re searching for more choices for laundry baskets and hampers, the following retailers offer an assortment of styles:

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