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Coronavirus shopping: PhoneSoap UV sanitizers are back in stock

UV sanitizers such as PhoneSoap are versatile. Beyond disinfecting your phone, you can sanitize face masks, keys and even your retainer.
Hand opening and closing PhoneSoap UV light sanitizer. Shop PhoneSoap Ultraviolet UV light sanitizer devices now they are finally restocked on Otterbox. Also shop on Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and more retailers to keep your phone clean. Coronavirus shop.
UV light sanitizers have been in high demand since very early in the coronavirus pandemic, a quick way to sanitize your tech — one of the leading UV light sanitizer makers, PhoneSoap, ran out of stock near immediately and is finally fully in stock.PhoneSoap

Popular UV-C sanitizer PhoneSoap, which spent most of its time in our coverage completely sold out since the coronavirus drastically shot up its popularity, is back in stock and now available through Otterbox, as well as on PhoneSoap. PhoneSoap devices are also now part of Otterbox's 91-piece Anti-Yuck collection, which spotlights products that help protect your phone and other gadgets from dirt and bacteria.

PhoneSoap’s UV sanitizers employ UV-C light, which is able to kill some germs, according to Philip Tierno, PhD, a clinical professor in the department of pathology at New York University Langone Medical Center. "This light has a range of effectiveness, which interferes and destroys the nucleic acids of bacteria and other microbes," he previously told NBC News Shopping for our guide to Ultraviolet (UV) light sanitizers. Tierno added UV-C light won't be able to get into the "nooks and crannies" of phone cases and buttons, however, noting that, despite that, "these (devices) kill microbes quickly."

Should you invest in a UV light sanitizer from PhoneSoap? Ehsan Ali, MD, of Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor Inc, previously told NBC News Shopping that he uses UV light sanitizers at home. However, he did not specify if his device is from PhoneSoap. "UV light devices are worth purchasing because they are known to be effective and have already been in use pre-COVID for sanitation purposes," he said. Ali noted that PhoneSoap and other similar UV light sanitizers are "absolutely" useful for disinfecting phones and other similar sized or smaller items that are frequently touched and could harbor germs. These include face masks, keys, glasses, makeup brushes — and even your retainer or Invisalign.

Don't just take our word for it — NBC News Shopping readers have also regularly purchased PhoneSoap devices to help keep their phones clean, even in a pre-corona world. In our monthly recap of the most popular reader favorite items, PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer and Universal Charger makes a regular appearance and is continuously highly in-demand. If you're having a touch of FOMO and believe a UV sanitizer will be a helpful tool to help disinfect and sanitize your phone and other items, then consider PhoneSoap. Just don't wait too long — their stock will likely begin to sell out (again). To help simplify your foray into the UV light sanitizer world, we broke down four PhoneSoap devices you can shop right now (or add to your coronavirus shopping wishlist).

Four essential PhoneSoap UV light sanitizers

1. PhoneSoap 3

As previously mentioned, PhoneSoap 3 is popular with our readers, and for good reason: You can sanitize and charge your mobile device at the same time while using this helpful gadget. According to Otterbox, PhoneSoap3 UV sanitizer kills 99.99 percent of germs — such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph, MRSA, the flu and common cold — within 10 minutes. Otterbox added PhoneSoap 3 fits all cell phones and most cell phone cases, so it's practical, to boot. You can order the device in either White or Black to complement your aesthetic.

2. PhoneSoap Pro

If you're willing to spend a little more, consider PhoneSoap Pro, which the company said has twice as many UV-light bulbs as the PhoneSoap 3. According to the brand, you can clean your phone and other tech accessories, like earbuds in five minutes, compared to the 10-minute cleaning session of the PhoneSoap 3. The Pro model is also broader with an interior width of 4.3 inches compared to the 3.75 inches-wide interior of the PhoneSoap 3. You can fit all phones and most phone cases into the Pro, according to PhoneSoap. Otterbox recommends this UV sanitizer device if your cell phone features accessories like hooks or pop sockets. PhoneSoap Pro is available in two colorways: Charcoal and White.

3. PhoneSoap HomeSoap

175 reviewers gave the HomeSoap, which is available in Black or White, a 4.9-star average rating: It's large enough to fit a Nintendo Switch, Apple iPad Pro and other tablets, or even a baby bottle and books (or a Kindle). This UV light sanitizer is practical for keeping your belongings clean while working from home or after you run errands. It's also easy to use: Switch a button to toggle between manual and automatic modes, or to shut down your HomeSoap. You can simultaneously disinfect and charge your gadgets via a built-in USB port.

4. PhoneSoap Go

Want to keep your phone sanitized and charged while enjoying a socially-distant picnic, barbeque or reading a popular book while drinking a protein smoothie or sipping a tropical-inspired rum cocktail? Enter PhoneSoap Go, the brand's travel-friendly UV sanitizer, that is available in Indigo and White. PhoneSoap says each full charge gets you 45 sanitizing cycles or you can charge your mobile device up to four times. There are also two charging ports to fit whatever cell phone you use — it’s also the only PhoneSoap product on this list sporting a travel-friendly carrying case.

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