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ISIS Suicide Blast in Ramadi Kills 2 Iraqi Commanders, 3 Iraqi Soliders

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Two Iraqi army commanders and three Iraqi soldiers were killed early Thursday by an ISIS suicide bomber driving a military vehicle packed with explosives, officials said.

The bomber attacked the unit in southern Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province 60 miles west of Baghdad, according to Iraqi Ministry of Defense spokesman Brigadier Yahya Al-Zubaidi.

Killed in the blast were Major General Abdulrahman Mehdi Abu Raghef, who was the deputy commander of the army's Anbar Operation Command, and Brigadier Safeen Abdulmajeed, commander of the army's 10th division, according to Al-Zubaidi.

Three other soldiers were killed and 10 were injured in the attack, the spokesman added. The information was confirmed by another brigadier in the Iraqi Ministry of Defense who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Ramadi was overrun by ISIS militants in May in what came as a major setback for Iraq and its allies.